Things All Recruiters Are Thinking… But No One is Saying

Sitting at your desk with your forehead resting painfully against the palm of your hand, you bring the phone slowly back up to your ear… your candidate’s rant about their immovable (and quite frankly unrealistic) salary expectations continues to flow on uninterrupted. 

You can handle the pain of the last 3 weeks’ work being for nothing, but to sit there and be shouted at feels like a step too far.

All you want to do is stop the candidate in their tracks and explain that they’d have been offered the job if they lowered their expectations a little… but their bullish attitude in the interview prevented them being offered more. It’s a problem of their making, not yours.

You feel dejected… it’s a feeling you know well.

In recruitment, we’ve got to be happy and engaged when speaking to clients and candidates. We’ve got to take the abuse and derogatory comments with a smile on our faces, because the moment we say what’s on our mind we lose our deal.

So we’re going to bite the bullet and say what needs to be said. These are the things all recruiters are thinking… but no one is saying.

We’re Not Trying to Stitch Anyone Up

We understand that there’s a general feeling of distrust in the recruitment industry. Candidates think we’re trying to push them into any old job to get our commission… but this just isn’t true!

We’re not trying to stitch anyone up, it simply doesn’t make sense to even try it.

Every candidate will have a probation period when they are placed by a recruitment firm. If they leave within that probation period, we don’t get paid. Pushing someone into a job they’ll hate just wouldn’t work out for us.

We Want Candidates to Tell Us What They Want

We only ever want to put candidates forward for jobs that they’re genuinely interested in. We’re not here to waste anyone’s time. If a candidate knows what they want from their next position, we want to hear it.

Too often we’re faced by candidates who are ambiguous about their desires and motivations. We’re not here to judge, we just want to look for something that will tick all of the boxes needed. If this isn’t communicated until after a job offer is made, it can make us look bad to the client when the role is rejected.

We’re Here to Help At Any Time

Whether a candidate forgot to ask something about the job, whether they aren’t sure of the dress code for an interview or simply require a bit of a pep talk before they meet the hiring manager, we’re always here to help.

When we tell candidates we’re on-hand to help at any time, we really do mean it. We want candidates to succeed and will happily take calls out of the blue at any time if it means our candidates turn up for an interview better prepared and more confident.

A Little Humility Goes a Long Way

Everyone talks about the importance of confidence in the job hunting process. This, unfortunately, leads plenty to take the side of arrogance when talking to hiring managers and recruiters alike.

A little humility and self-restraint will go a long way. Demonstrating confidence through accurately describing skills and achievements are great but candidates who boast constantly about themselves are always a red flag.

Being Rude Will Prevent Candidates Getting a Job

It sounds simple enough but yet so many candidates get this wrong. Being rude to a recruiter doesn’t seem like a big deal to candidates – after all, it’s the hiring manager they want to impress, right?

Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. If we experience a candidate being rude to us, we won’t put them forward – or we’ll pull them from the process altogether. We aren’t going to risk our relationship with clients by putting forwards a candidate who shows such undesirable behaviour before the process has even started.

We Earn Our Money

Recruitment is an industry that’s looked down on by many as one where we’re overpaid and do little work. However, any recruiter knows how wrong this idea is. It winds us up like crazy when we hear people from outside the industry making ridiculous comments like this.

We are trying to manage an unmanageable process, we’re hunting for the perfect people to fill positions and we’re negotiating. There’s so much more to the job than many expect and the emotional highs and lows of the job are worth the money too.

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. It’s long, complicated and stressful. We take this work off hiring managers’ plates. This is why we get our money… and trust us, it’s earned!

When candidates make claims about our work ethic, salary or personality traits, we can’t scream down the phone in anger… but we would love to.

We Should Listen More to Our Own Advice

As recruiters, we spend so much of our time giving out career advice to candidates that we become a little numb to it all. When we’re unhappy in our jobs or work with tyrannic managers or see how much better others in the industry have it, we’re very good at sticking our heads in the sand and pretending to carry on as normal.

Maybe, now is the right time for you to make a change. 

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