10 Candidates Every Recruiter Will Encounter

So, how many times have you moaned about a candidate to your mates? We’re guessing it’s too many times to count. In a job like recruitment we deal with so many different people, a few are sure to grind on you. Here are 10 candidates every recruiter will encounter. We love you really candidates… please don’t leave us!

The Romeo

Ergh! Don’t they just give you the creeps? This is a candidate who always tries to schmooze their way into your good books. The problem is, they’re actually a good candidate so you need to work hard for them – they could get you a deal.

They don’t see it this way though. They think you’re flirting when you’re literally just doing your job. They’ll no doubt ask you for a drink ‘to say thank you’ once you’ve got them a role. We can see the look of disgust you’re pulling from here.

The Keen Bean

There are two things you need to know about this candidate.

  1. They’re incredibly annoying
  2. They’re guaranteed to take the role you offer

You can be tempted to have a moan when they appear in your inbox for the fifth day in a row. Resist if you can. Their eagerness probably came across well to the client and you’ll appreciate their enthusiasm when they’re offered the job.

The Egomaniac

They’re good but don’t they just know it! This candidate couldn’t have a higher opinion of themselves if they tried. They were consistent top biller in their old company, they graduated with a first degree at a top university and they’re the captain of the local football team. Is there anything they’re not good at?

Oh there is actually! Being humble, working in a team and having enough tact to not belittle the interviewer. This candidate is good but their feeling of self-worth is sure to make them a liability at interview stage. It won’t take much for them to annoy the hiring manager.


The Potential Love Interest

You’ve been talking non-stop for weeks. There’s definite fireworks. They’re funny, intelligent and charismatic. They’re your type on paper and you’ve stalked them enough times on social media to know they’ll be your type in person too.

When they call the office, you’ll have a smile on your face – but it’s a forbidden attraction. Quit before you’re ahead, you’re not dating a candidate!

The Walking Buzzword

They’ve already told you about the synergy between your client and their current employer. Now they’ll go on to explain how they’re a real people person and team player with bags of resilience.

They’ve already got their exit strategy planned for their current agency but they’ll be sure to leverage their experience. They often think outside the box when it comes to sourcing and they streamline the hiring process whenever they can.

They’re passionate, detail oriented, flexible, motivated and strategic in their approach to work.

If you’re left scratching your head, you’re not alone.


The Scrambler

This is quite possibly the worst type of candidate you’ll encounter. They don’t know what they’re doing, so what chance have you got?

They’ll scramble your hiring process and mess you about big time. You won’t know they’re utterly unreliable until the last moment and then realise how you’ve missed all the signs. They’ll turn up to the interview unprepared, wearing dirty clothes and in desperate need of some interview tips.

If by some miracle they make it through the process and are offered the job, they’ll most likely try to be clever and encourage the client to ‘back door’ you.

Good luck if you find this one in your pile of CVs.

The Overachiever

This candidate’s a lot like the egomaniac – just without the ego! They smashed their grades, hit top biller and is the golden boy/girl of their current agency. How haven’t they been snapped up already?

They’re perfect in every way and your client can’t wait to hire them. Surely there’s got to be a catch?


The Joker

They have you in hysterics every time you pick up the phone and you’re really hoping they get the job. They could probably be a stand up if they fancied it but you’re just glad they’re on your list of hot candidates. When you secure a job offer, you couldn’t be happier. You just want to go to the pub with them.

The Wildcard

You can’t quite put your finger on it. Something about them makes you feel uneasy, yet at the same time they could be just what the client’s looking for. Their CV isn’t as impressive as some other candidates, they’re not quite as polished either. But you forward them on for a face-to-face on a whim. Gut instinct stands for a lot in this industry and you’ve got a feeling about this one. It could go either way.

The Professional

They’ve been here many times before. They know what they’re doing and they’re flawless at the interview process. They build rapport when they have to but keep their cold steely veneer at all other times. Their cards are kept close to their chest and they want to know the details – not the sales pitch. There’s no pulling the wool over this recruiter’s eyes. They’re a professional through and through.


What type of candidate are you? We’d love to find out. If you want to further your career in recruitment, get in touch. We take a quantity over quality approach to recruitment and so only deal with the very best vacancies and candidates. If you have what it takes, have a browse of our job board to get an idea of the roles we currently have on offer.

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