Recruitment Conspiracy Theories – DEBUNKED!

Recruiters have a bad rep, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. It seems like everyone outside the industry has an opinion. We’ve heard so many ridiculous stories about ‘what recruiters are like’, they’re starting to sound like YouTube conspiracy videos. We think it’s time to clear the air. Here are some common recruitment conspiracy theories debunked.

Recruiters Will Lie to Candidates to Secure a Deal

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about it, if we lied to a candidate about a job, it’ll be found out on the first day. Most deals we complete will be subject to the successful completion of a probation period. If this doesn’t happen, we don’t get paid.

There’s more to it than just getting paid though. Building a reputation for lying is counter-intuitive. We always hope to secure repeat business with both candidates and clients. Why would we intentionally damage that opportunity?

Recruiters Only Care About Money

Let’s be fair here – this is true for some recruiters (but we’re not judging).

It certainly isn’t applicable to everyone in the industry. For most of us, the job is about so much more than money. The culture, buzz, day-to-day challenge, competition, incentives and successes all keep us happy in the role.

We’re not all money-hungry Wolf of Wall Street wannabes. In reality, there’s a lot of work, rejection and pain that needs to be overcome before the so-called ‘recruiter lifestyle’ is achieved.

It’s Better to Apply Directly to a Job

If a candidate applies directly to a role, they don’t have someone in their corner. As recruiters, we’ll dig into a candidate’s skillset, understand what they can offer and communicate it in a way which appeals to the client. Without us, candidates are going in blind.

When suitable for a role, a recruiter will become a personal advocate for the candidate. This can often be the difference between securing an interview or not.

Recruiters Are Self-Absorbed and Image Obsessed

When most people think about a recruiter, they think of a Rolex wearing dandy with perfectly trimmed hair and a spotless Mercedes in the garage.

This just isn’t true. We accept, there are quite a lot of recruiters who are image obsessed. There are also plenty who can be quite materialistic. Though this is packaging the entire industry into a blanket stereotype. There are a lot of understated, intelligent and career focussed individuals working in recruitment.

The market ranges from high-end search firms to creative tech/digital agencies. There’s a massive disparity in the type of consultants in each office. It’s impossible to pigeonhole us.



A Recruiter’s Job is Glorified Admin

Woah! Here’s one to get the blood boiling.

This industry requires some serious dedication. Long hours, tireless work and countless heartbreaks must be endured before each deal. Recruitment is a sales role first and foremost but it goes beyond this. It’s about trying to control an uncontrollable process. There’s very little admin actually involved.

Recruiters Don’t Know Anything About Their Markets

This is simply untrue!

Okay, so an inexperienced trainee who recruits Mechanical Design Engineers might initially struggle to understand their market. Wouldn’t we all?

Most consultants specialise in a very specific niche. This means they’ll become seriously knowledgeable once they’ve found their feet. When you spend 8-10 hours a day talking to experts about their work – it’s amazing how much you learn.

The best recruiters in their market don’t take a transactional approach – they’re far more consultative. The agencies where recruiters don’t know anything about their sector, client, culture or product are actually quite difficult to find these days. It pays for us to know all about a client, their industry, competition, business structure and future plans.

Recruiters Lack Integrity

If someone wants to get us riled up, this is a sure-fire way to go about it. We don’t quite understand how such a generalised statement can be so widely believed. Being a compulsive liar isn’t part of the job description!

We get it, some old-school agents worked with questionable ethics – some still do. Having said that, the majority of today’s recruiters would feel deeply uncomfortable if asked to lie.

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