The Recruitment Revolution Manifesto

Recruitment is changing…

The industry has long had a reputation for underhand tactics and a sly approach to sales. For years recruiters abused the trust of candidates and clients alike. Agencies were rife with discrimination, sexism, drugs and excessively ‘laddish’ behaviour. Offices were boys’ clubs for the rich, smug and entitled. New recruits were treated like cannon fodder for sheer amusement. An aggressive ‘hit-the-phones’ hard attitude was common. The one and only goal was to earn money (in any way possible).

Not anymore!

The industry has come a long way. Agencies across the country are now prioritising quality over quantity. Recruiters are becoming more consultative and working with candidates to achieve the best possible placement.

Our work isn’t yet complete. The industry still has a bad name, there remains a weariness of recruiters among the general public. Trust was easy to lose but is difficult to win back. This is where the Recruitment Revolution was born.

We’re sending a call to arms for all agencies, up and down the country, to join us in our plight to kick out the bad eggs. We’re looking to lay the foundations for an industry which can be trusted once more. Here is our manifesto…

Genuine Opportunities for All

In recruitment, your progression should never be hampered by who’s above you. Ceilings shouldn’t exist here. Every consultant should have genuine opportunities to succeed.

We’re not satisfied with annual reviews or empty promises of promotion. Every consultant should see a clear route to the top. If you work hard enough, you should be rewarded.

Agencies should give recruiters clear and measurable milestones to achieve in order to secure a promotion or pay rise.

Financial Security

It’s fair to say that a lot of the chat surrounding money is concerned with commission. Don’t get us wrong, commission is vital to a happy and productive agency but it shouldn’t be the only reward.

Base salaries are important for financial security. Think about much of the goals we aspire to; owning houses, buying plush cars, being accepted for credit. A regular income is crucial for this. No consultant should be shouldered into financial difficulty because they’re having a slow month.

We’re calling on agencies to offer fair salaries to all – new recruits should never be lured in through the sole attraction of commission.

Structured and Comprehensive Training

No one is successful overnight!

Anyone joining the industry should benefit from a structured and comprehensive training programme. Recruitment isn’t like other jobs. It’s not a natural process, so new recruits need to be given the tools required to succeed.

Too often, new starters (in the less desirable agencies) are dropped straight onto the phones without any prior understanding of what it takes to recruit. Scripts just don’t cut it. Despite what many think, this isn’t a telesales job. It takes time to develop the skills and hone the right approach.

Recruitment training academy

A Positive Company Culture

Thankfully the misogynistic, boys’ club agencies are now few and far between. But that doesn’t mean every agency’s culture is where it needs to be.

From the outside, it’s easy to mistake a predilection to nights out for a positive company culture. This is far from the case. Although a social atmosphere is vital in recruitment, it’s not enough to simply ply consultants with alcohol and think everything’s fine.

Recruiters need autonomy in their role but must also get the support needed when struggling. Tough months are commonplace and consultants shouldn’t be made to feel useless as a result. The team should be there to support and celebrate each other. An agency built around the desire to succeed will be far more productive than one which obsesses on KPIs and call times.

Unfortunately, company culture can’t be changed overnight. It requires a complete relaying of the foundations upon which the company functions. The first and most vital step is to change the attitude of the people working there. If this doesn’t happen, the company’s culture never improve.

Recruiters Need to Feel Valued

In many agencies, especially the larger ones, it’s very easy for consultants to see themselves as only a cog in an ever-turning machine. High staff turnovers, faceless bosses and endless monotony of the job can make recruiters feel like they’re too easily replaced to mean anything. If this is the case, it can quickly lead to a general attitude of despondency when it comes to work.

This is where celebrating the wins plays such importance. Recruiters need to feel like they are genuinely helping the company. Incentives, commission and the occasional high five are all important to keep consultants happy.

More Exposure to Markets

Recruitment was long considered just a telesales job. Recruiters sat in a call centre all day with little understanding of their so-called specialist markets. In today’s economy, this simply isn’t acceptable.

Recruiters specialise in markets for a reason. The best thing an agency can do is give their consultants a true and genuine exposure to this. They should be able to understand the positives and pain points of each role they’re recruiting for.

Client meetings are a great opportunity for this. Allowing consultants to get out there and visit the sites of their clients will give them a better feeling for what each role entails. It also gives an appreciation for the company culture of their clients.

All in all, we’re championing a far more educated and knowledgeable approach to recruitment. Aggression is no longer the key to beating the competition, familiarity with your chosen market is.

Recruiter reading up on specialist market

Working in Buoyant Markets

No one wants to be fighting a losing battle. Too often consultants start their job in recruitment and are immediately pigeon-holed into a market which they couldn’t possibly leverage. By the time they start looking for a new job, they find it far more difficult to secure a job in anything other than their specialist market. It’s a catch-22.

Recruiters working in buoyant markets are always the happiest, quite simply because there are more opportunities.

It makes business sense! Analyse the markets you work across and only put resource into the most buoyant sectors.

Bringing the Word Consultant Back to Recruitment

We’re called recruitment consultants for a reason – we consult!

Agencies which understand this are the most successful in the current landscape of the industry. This type of agency offer a service beyond simply finding placements. They work with candidates to find the best possible role for them. They offer advice and guidance on how to secure the role and whether they’d be a good fit for the company.

This approach makes sense to businesses. This offers a higher placement rate, less candidate dropouts and a greater opportunity of repeat business.

Maintaining the Work/Life Balance

All recruiters work hard, it’s an intense job to say the least. This is why it’s absolutely vital to ensure recruiters maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Without this, consultants can get bogged down in their work and resent their company. We all know the importance of a positive mental attitude when it comes to selling. Pushing recruiters to work beyond their limits is counterintuitive.

Set Incremental Goals, Not KPIs

Too many recruiters are made to obsess over KPIs. Sometimes this defeats the original purpose. Consultants will focus on the smaller targets of KPIs, essentially neglecting the overall aim of billing.

If you’re looking to set targets, make them incremental goals which help consultants on their way to deals – not strict KPIs which must be met before the day is over. After all, we should all prioritise deals over call times.

Join the Recruitment Revolution Today!

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