Recruitment Job Ad Bingo!

Your job ads are sending us to sleep! Sorry, but we’ve seen ads with more clichés and recycled soundbites than an episode of PMQs. If you’re churning out the same old spiel, scrub up and think of the poor candidate’s sanity. Don’t think you’ve got a problem? Grab your latest ad and prove it – it’s time to play a game of Recruitment job ad bingo!

How to Play Job Ad Bingo

Recruiters are terrible losers so we’re making the rules crystal clear. Here’s a step by step guide to playing job ad bingo:

  1. Get every member of the team to print out their latest job ad
  2. Write our list of clichés down onto separate pieces of paper and put them in a hat
  3. Someone pulls a cliché from the hat and reads it aloud
  4. The first candidate to five clichés loses – and owes everyone a drink
  5. Keep going with the list till all clichés are read out
  6. Once the list is completed, count up how many clichés you’ve got and check your individual scores below

The Clichés

Prepare to cringe! It’s time to see how basic your job ads really are…


Let’s start with the most overused word in recruitment. Basically, if you’re going to sit at home listening to Coldplay crying into a bowl of ice cream after every bad day – the job’s probably not for you!

A Fantastic Opportunity

This one’s better than every other opportunity you described as fantastic.

Seeking Ambitious Graduates

If you want an easy job, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Fast Learner

Bring a note pad and pen – you’re going to need it!

Fast-Paced Role

You’re going to feel like you’ve been in the octagon with Conor McGregor after your first day!

Opportunity to Grow

Those above 6ft need not apply.

Ambitious Company

Who doesn’t love a bit of fluff!

Lucrative Opportunity

One consultant became a millionaire after three months in the job*.
(*They won the lottery)

Money Motivated

Who isn’t?

Live the London Life

Where you’ll earn so much you won’t care about paying £10 a pint!


If your mum still wakes you up in the morning, you probably shouldn’t apply.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Really? Are you sure?


Can you be the James Milner of our agency?


Because we’ve already said versatile once in this ad already.


It would be preferred if you had some interest in your job.

Join a Growing Team

Size doesn’t matter!

Ability to Multi-Task

What we’re really asking is, can you make a cup of tea while simultaneously closing a candidate?

Good Communication Skills

If you could hold a conversation, it would be a real bonus!

Competitive Salary

The basic rate is a little lower than normal but look at all this pretty commission.

Market Leading Firm

We even have Instagram!

Competitive Nature

If your family haven’t boycotted the Monopoly board over your antics, we don’t want to know.

Rapport Building

Did you see the game on Saturday?

Rewarding Career

We pay you in actual money!

A Blue-Chip Company

This is worth mentioning on your Tinder profile.

Headhunting Passive Candidates

Prepare for lots of rejection!

Work Hard, Play Hard

Prepare for hungover Friday mornings!

The Scores

Are you hanging your head in shame? Let’s find out:

Complete Pro (0-1 Clichés)

What a legend! Take a bow!

Not Bad (2-3 Clichés)

2-3 clichés in your ad? Not too shabby at all.

It’s Getting a Little Boring (4-5 Clichés)


You’re So Basic (6-10 Clichés)

The Paris Hilton of recruitment job ads.

Please Make it Stop! (10-14 Clichés)

This is too much for us to handle, you should probably try to a bit harder.

The Frankenstein of Clichéd Job Ads (15+ Clichés)

How is this even possible?


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