The Recruitment Drinking Game

Let’s face it, all recruiters like to party. We always throw the ‘work hard, play hard’ cliché into our job ads. That just means top billers can go from professional façade to completely steaming in a few shots on a Friday evening. We’re not judging, they’re bringing in the business after all. So, let’s get you bunch of animals set for the weekend. Head to the local and get the drinks in – here’s The Recruitment Drinking Game.

Ground Rules

Okay, so every game needs a few ground rules – here are ours. Rule breakers should be mercilessly punished with one of our forfeits.

  • Write the numbers 1 – 12 onto pieces of paper.
  • Put all numbers in a hat.
  • Pass the hat around the team.
  • Take it in turns to pull out a number and play the corresponding ‘mini-game’ below.
  • Put the number back in and pass it to the next victim.
  • The most miserable person in the office goes first.
  • Once a glass is empty, it must be refilled immediately.
  • If you’re sick, you’re the tea boy/girl for the next month.
  • All ‘mini-games’ can be skipped for a forfeit outlined below.
  • You must be honest and fair at all times.
  • No cheating!

Toilet Break

Oh so you need to go to the toilet? Such a shame! If you want to use the loo, you have to flip a coin. If it lands on heads, you can go. If it lands on tails, you need to drink the dirty pint first.

The Dirty Pint

Before starting, you must grab a pint glass and make a horrific cocktail of alcohol. If you can sniff the drink without gagging, it’s not dirty enough!

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#1: Never Have I Ever

A drinking game classic. If you pull #1 from the hat, you must stand in front of the team and announce “never have I ever…” with a significantly embarrassing ending. Anyone who has done this should take a drink. If no one has done what you say, you must take a drink.

#2: Send to a Stranger

If you drew #2 from the hat, you’ve drawn the short straw my friend. Surrender your phone to the person on your right. They can write and send a message to any of your contacts.

Shots! The Recruitment Drinking Game

#3: The Lyricist

So you pulled #3 from the hat? You better be able to think on your feet. For the rest of the afternoon, you must reply to every question with song lyrics. Every time you fail to do this, you must take a drink.

#4: The Voicemail

Get a bottle at the ready, you’re going to need it. If you pull a #4 from the hat, you must call ten contacts. Every time you reach someone’s voicemail, take a drink.

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#5: Bullshit

Tell the team three embarrassing facts about you. Two must be true and a third must be a lie. If they call your bullshit, take a drink.

#6: T-Rex Arms

For the next hour you must lock your elbows in at your sides like T-Rex arms. Oh and you’re the next one to head to the bar – bad luck. Every time you break this, take a drink.

#7: Paranoia

The person on your left whispers a question about your colleagues (e.g. who’s the most attractive?). You must answer out loud for everyone to hear. If someone wants to know what the question is, they must take a drink first.

#8: I’m Ron Burgundy?

If you pull #8 from the hat, everything you say for the next hour must sound like it’s a question. Every time you neglect to do this, you must take a drink.

#9: Don’t Look At Me

For the next hour, no one is allowed to look at you. If they do, they take a drink.

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#10: Accent for an Hour

For the next hour, you must talk in an accent (irrelevant of how bad it is). The rest of the team gets to pick the accent for you. Every time you forget, you must take a drink.

#11: The Photographer

If you pick #11, you’re the photographer. You must point your camera in a direction and count down from 3. Anyone not in the picture when it’s taken must drink a shot.

The Recruitment Drinking Game

#12: The Fancy Dress

Congratulations, you’re out of action for 30 minutes. You have exactly half an hour to find/create a makeshift fancy dress costume which you must wear for the rest of the night. If you’re not back in 30 minutes sporting your best costume, you must take a forfeit.

#13: Candidate Excuses

List the 5 worst candidate excuses you’ve ever heard. If someone else in the team has heard the same, they have to take a drink.

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The Forfeits

Oh so you’re too boring to play the game! You’ve got to pick a forfeit. Sorry but this isn’t going to be easy on you. Here’s our list, don’t be afraid to add your own – just be sure they’re just as brutal as ours:

  • Neck the dirty pint – no exceptions.
  • Let a member of the team give you a ridiculous makeover (boys, this includes you too).
  • Change your name by deed poll to Recruiter McRecruitface.
  • For the next month, when with colleagues, you’re only allowed to drink Lambrini.
  • Surrender your social media passwords to your colleagues for the rest of the evening – they now have complete control of your accounts.
  • Go home like the sad person you are.

If you play The Recruitment Drinking Game, we’d love to see your pictures and hear how it went down. We’re sure it’s going to get pretty messy.

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