Why Recruiting is Like Tinder

Ever noticed recruiters are always dating? It’s not just because we’re confident people. We can’t even blame it on our inflated wallets. No, it’s down to a far more interesting reason. The truth is, recruiting is a lot like Tinder. Think about it, you’re pitted against the competition to find the perfect match. There’s a lot of similarities between the dating app and our hunt for candidates. Stick with us and we’ll explain… just don’t be tempted to ask your clients out.

The Tinder Swipe

Sifting through CVS is frustrating right? Well isn’t swiping on Tinder the same? You only really get interested when you find an attractive profile to rival Margot Robbie or a slightly awful one resembling Danny Devito (sorry Danny we love you really). In fact, we’d put our money on recruiters being some of the most efficient swipers in the game. Just don’t go into autopilot, call your match and tell them about your latest job opportunity – A ‘hot job’ means something completely different on Tinder.

First Impressions Count

Whether it’s a topless gym selfie or a bikini group pic from a beach in Marbs, what goes on your Tinder profile says a lot about you. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This is the same with your pitch. Whether you’re talking to a client or candidate you need to look… err datable.

Recruiters are masters of cold calling and the art of opening. Just like when you instigate the conversation with your match, your opening gambit could be make or break. Remember, your match is probably getting messages from all sorts of different people, as is your hiring manager. You’ve only got a few seconds to get them interested. So your hook has to be on point.

It's a Match! Why Recruiting is Like Tinder!

Research the Opportunity

Okay we’re calling you out on this, you definitely Facebook stalk your match before you go on a date. It’s cool, we get it. You want to know you’re not getting catfished. But isn’t this just like doing a bit of research on the company you’re working with, the position you’re hiring for and the candidates you’re putting forward? Recruiters are renowned for their detective skills. So digging up those cringey nightclub photos from three years ago will be easy pickings.

It’s All About Chemistry

Building rapport is essential in recruitment. You want to keep everyone sweet, earn trust and seem like a decent person who can manage the process effectively. This is also a great skill for Tinder. When conversation dries up or awkward silences creep in, this is when you’re at your most effective. If you can find common ground with a ‘scrooge-like’ hiring manager, you can certainly build some chemistry with your date-worthy Tinder match.

Relationship status: Excellent. Why Recruiting is Like Tinder

The Call Back

So it went well. Top effort. It’s now reached that horrible stage of waiting for the call back. Will your client like your candidate? Did your date think you looked better online? Unfortunately, we’re recruiters and not ones to wait around. So you make the first move and it’s good news! All you need to do is seal the deal and a big bonus is heading your way soon!

Unfortunately we can’t guide you through the world of online dating but we can find you the perfect job. If you’re looking to accelerate your career or take your first steps into the recruitment industry, view our latest vacancies and get in touch.


‘It’s a Match!’ picture courtesy of The Independent.

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