The Recruitment Bush Tucker Trials!

At a time when Freddos cost £20, Brexit is threatening the football transfer market and it’s so cold outside you’ll get frostbite having a fag – it only takes one thing to unite the British public.

I’m a Celeb is back and at least we can all agree, Harry’s stories really are the best!

As the series spells the lead up to Christmas and recruiters find a little more time on their hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a crack at our own Recruitment Bush Tucker Trials!

Think you can handle life in the jungle? Think again!

The Rules

We know you’re all going to argue about whether the winner actually won fairly or not. So, let’s put a few ground rules out there.

  1. Everyone in the team has to join in… We’re looking at you Line Managers!
  2. If a client calls or someone has to close a deal, the game is temporarily on pause – let’s not miss out on any commission here
  3. If you need to go to the toilet or leave the office, you must do a Bush Tucker Trial first
  4. The game can be played with or without alcohol – best speak to your boss before raiding the beer fridge though
  5. If you forfeit a trial, you owe everyone in the team a treat
  6. If you fail your trial, you owe everyone in the team a treat
  7. No cheating!!!!

How to Play

Okay, so here’s how to play – it’s pretty simple really!

  1. The top biller goes first
  2. Flip a coin, if you guess it right, you survive (this time)
  3. Guess wrong and the team has to vote which Recruitment Bush Tucker Trial you must complete
  4. You can shout ‘I’m a recruiter, get me out of here’ at any moment to forfeit the task
  5. Keep going until you’re drunk, exhausted or moaned at by the boss

The Treats

If you fail a Bush Tucker Trial or shout ‘I’m a recruiter, get me out of here’ (like a little baby), you owe everyone in the team a treat. Here’s a list of acceptable treats, feel free to add your own:

  • A chocolate bar (not a bloody fun-size Chomp guys, we’re talking a full Galaxy/Dairy Milk bar)
  • A cookie, muffin or cake
  • A pack of Quorn – for the vegans
  • An avocado – for those recruiting in East London
  • A drink after work
  • A hot chocolate
  • Your next commission payment – if you really want to raise the stakes (we’re guessing there’ll be no takers for this one)

The Trials

Now for the fun part! If it’s your turn for a trial, your team get to pick which you face. Let’s hope they’re feeling kind.

Dark to Light Challenge

This one’s ideally completed with alcohol but you might not have everything you need in your office to nail this. Basically, line up a number of drinks ranging from dark to light. You need to neck them all (in order) and hope you don’t chunder.

The alcoholic version (if you’re still standing after this, you’re not normal):

  • Pint of Guinness
  • Pint of John Smiths
  • Shot of JD/Rum
  • Vodka & Lemonade
  • Shot of Tequila

The non-alcoholic version (for those playing this in the office):

  • Black coffee
  • Glass of coke
  • Cup of tea
  • Orange juice
  • Lemonade
  • Glass of water

I’m Surrounded by Snakes

Are you the snake in your recruitment office? You certainly are now!

Your trial is to slither like a snake from one side of the office to the other… if your office is on two floors, we certainly expect you to take this up or down the stairs.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any snake-induced injuries caused by this trial.

I Haven’t Showered in Days!

So you’ve been lucky enough to be given this trial? You’re about to get a real feel for life in the jungle.

You must run on the spot for as long as it takes for you to visibly sweat. Your colleagues must judge whether you’re sweaty enough. No deodorant or perfume is allowed. Now you can enjoy the rest of the day smelling like you haven’t showered!

G’Day Mate

You must speak in an Australian accent for the rest of the day, even when on the phone to candidates.

You must also start every conversation with ‘g’day mate’ and fit in as many Australian clichés as you possibly can. Here are a few to give you inspiration:

  • Bull dust (rubbish)
  • Chocka (busy)
  • As dry as a dead dingo’s dodger (dry)
  • Fair dinkum (fair, true, genuine)
  • It’s the dinky-di (it’s the real thing)
  • Give it a burl (have a go)
  • Kangaroo’s loose in the top paddock (intellectually inadequate)
  • Ridgy-didge (original, genuine)

Kangaroo - Recruitment Bush Tucker Trials

A Fish Guts Cocktail

Woe is you! This is not a task you want to face on a full stomach.

On I’m a Celeb, we’re used to seeing Z-List stars (and Harry Redknapp) eating and drinking some of the foulest concoctions imaginable. Now it’s your turn… lucky you!

Your team can now fill a glass with the most abominable mix of drinks they can imagine. You must drink it down to the last drop.

We’ve got a few recipes which might take your fancy (we’re helpful like that).


  • Tequila
  • Sambuca
  • Blackcurrant Juice
  • Lager
  • Red wine
  • Whiskey
  • Topped up with coke or lemonade


  • Coffee
  • Red bull
  • Milk
  • Ketchup
  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Topped up with coke or lemonade

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for the state of your liver after completing the alcohol version of this challenge.

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight!

If you’ve been tasked with this trial, you must greet every new person you see/call by singing “in the jungle, the mighty, the lion sleeps tonight” before proceeding to embrace them.

You can only stop this task if someone sings “a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh” back to you.

A Very Small Man

We all love Dec’s hilarious obsession with Dennis Wise’s height. If you get picked for this trial, you must greet every person you see with a demeaning remark about their height.

The more height jokes you can cram into a conversation, the better. Just try not to start any fights!

Cockroaches Everywhere!!!

Congratulations, you’re officially obsessed with cockroaches.

If you get burdened with this task, you better get Googling. Every five minutes (for the next 3 hours) you must text someone new in your phone a random fact about cockroaches. Every time you send a new text, you must share a new fact.

It’s compulsory to show your colleagues proof of this, even if you’ve left work for the day (pictures of replies in the work group chat are encouraged).

Posting cockroach related facts on social media is also accepted!

Don’t Work for a Team Who’d Enjoy this Game?

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