How Many Placements Will It Take?

Recruiters are ambitious. Nod your head if we’re right. You’re a determined group that always needs a goal to aim for. You can stop nodding now, people are starting to stare. We’re betting you’ve even got a mental shopping list constantly ticking over. You know what I’m talking about. The designer wardrobe, latest iPhone, flashy car and even a home of your own. Some of these ideas are not as many deals away as you might think. The problem is, recruiters are shopaholics. We know you all squander your commission payments the week they hit your bank (you’re nodding your head again). We’ve decided to give your saving a helping hand. We’ve taken a look at some of the most desirable recruiter must-haves and how many placements it’ll take to get them. It’s time to stop buying bottles of champagne in the club to impress your friends and start saving!

Alright, alright, we get it. There’s no wholly accurate way of working out how many placements it would take because every deal’s different. To work this out we’ve looked at the average deal value of £8,000 and the average commission rate being 20%. So we’re working from a pay-out figure of £1,600. Now that’s the maths out the way, can we get on with the fun bit?

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40 – £18,350 (12 Deals)

We’re starting this list big. When splashing the cash on a watch, it’s got to be a Rolex. The name just demands respect. There are few watches out there that combines the faultless precision and construction of an institute like Rolex with such contemporary, fresh styling. The Yacht-Master offers a ‘casual yet purposeful allure’. Designed with an exclusive 18ct rose gold alloy, this piece presents a distinctive black dial alongside durable and resistant Oysterflex bracelet. Grab this delicious piece in only 12 deals – imagine the bragging rights a Rolex would bring!

24 Karat Gold iPhone 7 Elite – £2,397 (2 Deals)

If you’ve got the Midas’ touch when it comes to recruitment, show it off with this outrageously glamorous 24 karat gold iPhone 7. Coming with a distinctive Cherry Oak presentation box, this phone simply radiates style. In a world where everyone has an iPhone or Samsung, there’s little room for luxury – this phone changes that. Also available in rose gold, platinum or embedded with Swarovski diamonds, this will get you some serious attention. Just don’t smash the screen.

Guinea Pig Armour – £21,117 (13 Deals)

Any fans of small furry animals out there? Try not to squeal at the picture below. Yes it’s true, you can actually buy a full set of armour for your guinea pig. Awesome right? Make your pet the alpha in the community with this little medieval number. It’ll only take you saving up commission from 13 deals. Anyone who tells you it’s a waste of money is just jealous.

The Balvenie 50 Year Old Single Malt Whiskey – £30,261 (19 Deals)

When not demolishing Jaeger Bombs in the local, some consultants can enjoy a more refined taste for alcohol. In fact, we’re sure there are a few whiskey aficianados out there. What better way to show your class than owning a bottle of the world’s most expensive whiskey. The Balvenie’s 50 year old single malt is currently sold for around the £30k mark and is one hell of a way to spend your commission. No, you can’t use it for pre-drinks!

Bespoke Two-Piece Suit from Savile Row Tailors Gieves & Hawkes – From £4,130 (3 Deals)

This is one for the gentlemen. For most in a corporate role, a suit is the most commonly worn piece of clothing. Save a little and make it a suit of exceptional quality. For this, a visit to Savile Row is a must. Stooped in heritage with customers ranging from footballers to royals, there’s only one street to buy your tailor-made suit. We’ve opted for Gieves & Hawkes due to its deep history and undeniable quality. Arguably, any tailor on Savile Row will do you justice. Be prepared to wait, bespoke clothing won’t come cheap or quickly. You’ll have to allow at least eight weeks for crafting.

Alexander McQueen Embellished Star Knuckle Duster Clutch Bag – £2,795 (2 Deals)

From one of the most celebrated fashion designers in our lifetime comes a clutch of such distinction, it’ll transform any outift. This typical McQueen piece is guaranteed to be your next favourite clutch. With bold star embellishments, this is not for the feint hearted. Well ladies, who spends £2,795 on a bag and want it to be understated?

VW Beetle Sofa – £3,750 (3 Deals)

Looking to renovate your flat? This sofa is guaranteed to get people talking. A designer based in the UK creates innovative furniture from old Volkswagen Beetles. We’re yet to try one out so we can’t vouch for its comfort but who needs comfort when you have a sofa made from a car! Totally worth saving your commission from 3 deals.

Oceanis 45 Sailboat – £211,792 (132 Deals)

How long would it take you to get 132 deals? Quite a while we’re guessing. It may be a massive challenge to set yourself but if you can save your commission from 132 deals you can buy a yacht… yes an actual yacht! Have you ever seen a sad person on a yacht? Of course not, if you can buy a yacht you’ve made it in life. You’ll be like Leonardo DiCaprio or Rick Ross or Prince Harry or well you get our jist. Imagine the parties!

939 SuperSport by Ducati – £10,995 (7 Deals)

Described by GQ as ‘the ultimate bad-ass bike for beginners’, the 939 SuperSport by Ducati not only looks exquisite but absolutely purrs too! This is a road bike with sport styling, a Testastretta engine and comfortable design. This is a bike made to be ridden everyday and is guaranteed to get you noticed without breaking your neck. Only 7 deals and it’s yours!

Ferrari 488 GTB – £182,809 (115 Deals)

So you want a Ferrari. You’re in luck, the 488 GTB is currently on the market for the rock-bottom price of £182,809. That’s only 115 deals to us recruiters. Described by Jeremy Clarkson as the car that serves as a reminder to ‘Mr Normal’ that ‘his life hasn’t worked out quite as well as he has hoped’. If you’re interested in going 0-60mph in 3 seconds in a car with a top speed of 205mph, this is for you. The Ferrari 488 GTB isn’t just beautiful, it’ll make everyone loathsome with envy – which, let’s face it, is the reason anyone buys a Ferrari in the first place.

3 Bedroom House in South London (SW19) – £900,000 (562 Deals)

In case you need an excuse to avoid settling down, a 3 bedroom house in South London will set you back around £900,000. That’s 562 deals to buy it outright! You could get four Ferraris for that price. The truth is, if you took out a mortgage with a 5% deposit rate, you would only need to save about £45,000 – a far more realistic 29 deals. A quiet surburban life isn’t as far away as you may think.

So we’re guessing you’re all pumped up and ready to save your commission now. Never forget the importance of having a goal in recruitment, no matter how far away it may seem. There’s always bad days and having a carrot to dangle will get you through. It’s what will get you up in the morning after a candidate rejection and what you’ll dream about the night you secure another deal. If you want a taste of the recruitment lifestyle or simply want to accelerate your career, take a look at our latest vacancies here.

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