Act 1st, Think 2nd: A Lesson for Recruiters

Think before you act. It’s age old advice which doesn’t just benefit you in daily life but often in your career too. This isn’t always the case in contingent recruitment though. Your speed to market is your advantage, if you’re doing too much thinking and not enough acting, you could find yourself left in the dust. Here, we delve into why you might do best to stick to your gut and take action before deliberating needlessly. This is why you should act first and think second.

Hold on a Second

Let’s make this clear before we continue… Do not follow this advice if you’re unproven, are a trainee, or lacking in experience.

This guidance is for those who have been there, done that and want to take the next step up. This is for those looking to sharpen their sword, not those who still need to forge their own.

Also, read the room. This is more appropriate to some industries and less so to others. Executive Search for instance is an entirely different kettle of fish.

We’re not promoting a shoot-from-the-hip style approach, nor are we saying you should just ignore everything you’ve been taught about prior preparation preventing p*ss poor performance. This is about the importance of being agile when recruiting and adapting on the spot.

This Importance of Listening to Your Gut

Your gut is your biggest weapon in recruitment. Sometimes a candidate feels a little dodgy but you’re not able to put your finger on why, or you know they’ll impress the client but their CV isn’t up to scratch.

We work with people, being able to follow your gut and tap into your emotional intelligence is key to reading clients and candidates accurately. The ability to respond quickly and adapt to changing circumstances are going to give you the edge on your competition.

Imagine the scenario. You ignore your gut and put the candidate forward, despite knowing deep down that something’s wrong. You go through the entire process, just to be let down at the last hurdle because they had another offer on the table. You’ve wasted time and effort to get to the position you’re in, to know that you were right all along. Not only this, but you’ve added a layer of doubt into the mind of your client regarding the candidates you put forward in future.

It’s not always possible to justify your gut feeling. Go with it, listen to it and look for proof that you were right.

Hesitation Kills Deals

There’s nothing worse than a salesperson who fluffs their lines and stumbles over their sales pitch. If you seem unconvinced of what you’re selling, how can you expect anyone else to get on board?

This works the same way with hesitations. The moment you stammer when making a decision is the moment you’ll inspire a lack of confidence.

Not only this, but contingent recruitment is a competitive sport. You’re not a lone player who has the luxury of taking their time to score a deal. You’re fighting against an unseen opponent who has exactly the same end goal as you. Depending on your industry and position, you could be playing against some of the best recruiters in the country. They won’t hesitate, they won’t think twice before taking action. The moment you start losing ground is the moment you’ll miss out on a deal.

Depending on your agency, it’s not often you’ll find yourself working exclusively on a role. You don’t have the time to hesitate and think twice.

70% Right is Better Than 100% Late

We all get it wrong from time to time. No one is perfect.

The problem is, in the working world there are plenty of people who think it’s admirable to be a perfectionist. We don’t buy it!

Getting everything 100% right sounds great, until you acknowledge that demonstrating that level of attention to detail takes too much time. Recruitment isn’t brain surgery or rocket science… the stakes just aren’t that high if you make a mistake.

You don’t need to always get it right, you need to get it done.

A good job done on time is all that’s needed from you as a recruiter. Deliberating and debating over the best plan of action and meticulously planning your sales pitch to each candidate or client is just a waste of time.

Change Your Job, Change Your Mindset

Sometimes it can feel like you’re not given the freedom you need to trust in yourself and make your own decisions. This can become toxic for your progression as a recruiter. If you know that you can trust your gut but your agency isn’t giving you the opportunity to do so, it could be time for a change.

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