10 Recruiter Fears That Keep Us Awake At Night

As the nights draw in and Halloween approaches, the conversation in the office takes on an altogether spookier tone. From the bone-chilling fancy dress we’ll see at the staff party to our pick of scary movies. Then there’s the far more sinister topic, what are recruiters truly scared of? Here are 10 recruiter fears that keep us awake at night!

10. Greggs Closes Down

You wake up hungover on a Friday morning. Your first thoughts are of the greasy pasty that’ll get you through the day.

You arrive at Greggs ready for your hangover treat only to find it empty, gutted and derelict. There’s no sadder sight than a hungover recruiter without their steak bake.

You arrive at the office shell shocked. As you stare into the distance, Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence begins to play on the radio. These are dark days.

9. Candidate Not Turning Up to Their Interview

You’ve read their CV, qualified their skillset and come to the conclusion they’re a great fit for the company. This is an interview you’re excited about and they say the same.

Oh how naive you’ve been!

They’ll later tell you their car broke down or their nan was ill. Now your client’s frustrated, they’ve wasted their time and you’re the one who looks bad. Good luck filling the role now.

8. Food Poisoning on the Day of the Christmas Party

It’s the event of the year and you’re the only one who won’t be there!

You knew you shouldn’t have chanced that dodgy curry last night. Everyone will be talking about this for months, your only memory will be of last night’s Rogan Josh!

7. Deals Going Through the Back Door

So, you’ve found the perfect candidate and sent them off to the interview well-prepared. You’re sure they’ll nail it. Shortly after the interview they drop off the radar. Then the client halts their hunt for new talent. It all smells a little fishy but that’s just how things go.

You dust yourself down and carry on like normal. A month later you receive a LinkedIn notification asking whether you’d like to congratulate your candidate on their new position – with your client!!!

It’s gone through the back door and now you’ve got a nasty situation on your hands. Your business relationship is in tatters and you’ve just lost a huge chunk of commission. Fun times!

6. Losing Your Place on a PSL

Here’s one for the management!

You already know the drill. You’ve got a great relationship with a large client who hires numerous candidates a year. You’re one of their go-to agencies and their placements alone are enough to pay the rent.

It’s all picture perfect until they start asking about a reduction in rates. You’ve worked together for years so don’t mind looking at negotiations again. It’s not amicable at all – they’ve got offers from other agencies that undercut you. You can’t possibly go that low (after all, you offer quality over quantity).

There goes your place on their PSL.

You think they’ll come crawling back on their hands and knees, but they never do. The heat in the office just went up a couple of degrees.

sad recruiter looking out of window

5. The Phones Don’t Work!

We’ve all had anxiety dreams about this one.

You get into work on an important day. You’ve got final stage interviews, deals to close and meetings to arrange.

When you arrive, the office phones aren’t working. You don’t panic yet, it’s just a technical issue that’ll be fixed. After all, you can just use your mobile.

No you can’t!

You forgot to charge it last night and your battery’s dead. No one’s got a spare charger cable either.

As time ticks on, stress swells inside. This can’t be happening! Email just isn’t going to cut it today. Why isn’t the engineer here yet? You had appointments to keep! How did the interviews go?

4. No-Show Candidates

We’re getting cold sweats just thinking about it.

You’ve placed a candidate and their first day of the job rolls around. Then at 10am you get a call from the hiring manager… the candidate’s a no-show! You call them but it goes voicemail. You’re never hearing from them again. Wave bye-bye to your commission!

3. The Trainee Knocks You Off Top Spot

You’ve been top biller for four months in a row. You’re feeling confident and have been promised a tasty bonus if you get it again this month. It’s looking great, you’ve made enough placements to secure your fifth consecutive month as top dog.

Then you receive an email in your inbox congratulating the trainee on their exceptional month. You feel a pang of pride, good on them. When you open it your heart sinks, a hole in your stomach appears and you begin to go pale.

This month’s top biller… the plucky newbie who caught a lucky break!

2. Backstabbing, Betrayal & Stolen Sales

You’ve worked with your buddy for over two years. You’ve been through thick and thin together. You’ve celebrated the wins and consoled the losses.

It all ends here!

You’d think friendship is more important than a quick deal made off the back of your legwork. You’ve been chasing this for weeks and everything’s in place. Then you find your best pal’s finalised it and taken the credit (and the commission).

This is war! There’s no place for backstabbing, betrayal and stolen sales in this friendship.

1. The Beer Fridge is Empty

No… no… someone tell us it isn’t true!

It’s not Friday without a trip to the beer fridge! Why is it empty? This can’t be happening! We can’t take this cruelty any longer!

If you’re getting nightmares about your current agency? We can help. No one should be in a position when their working environment keeps them up at night. If you know your worth and think you deserve a better position at an agency which respects you, we want to hear it. Have a browse of our job board to see the type of vacancies we currently have on offer.

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