Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Everyone talks about the celebrities they’d like to date but what about the stars we’d like to work with? Who would be in your dream team? This is our pick of celebrities who would make awesome recruiters. Someone give the office a clean, we’ve got some big names paying a visit! Look out for part two; celebrities who would make awful recruiters.

Will Smith

Cheeky, charming and insanely cool, Will Smith is a manager’s dream! Not only has he got bags of personality but strong ideals too. He has the innate ability to naturally switch from fooling around with candidates to getting real with clients. From selling the dream to hard-nosed rate negotiations. Not to mention his cold calling skills in The Pursuit of Happiness… he’s got it all!

Will Smith - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Matthew McConaughey

With his deep Southern drawl and laid back attitude, Matthew McConaughey simply radiates coolness. If anyone can schmooze their way into a client’s preferred supplier list it’s going to be him.

Matthew McConaughey - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters


A one-woman powerhouse, Beyoncé is a brand in her own right. She’ll command respect on the phone and own the sales floor. She brings sass to the team. If the lads get too much, we know who’ll put them in their place.

Beyonce - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters


“Hello from the other side…” Anyone who can make a multi-platinum award winning song from a phone call is worth having in the team. We’re not even going to compete with her cold calling skills.

Adele - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Lionel Richie

Because we sense a winning duet here… Lionel and Adele side by side, owning the phones!

Lionel Richie - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Michelle Obama

If anyone can win a client, it’s Michelle Obama. The Chicago born former First Lady is honest, intelligent and quick witted. This is the type of recruiter you want in client meetings. Her sincere professionalism combined with a likable personality is a winning formula.

Michelle Obama - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Mike Tyson

Would you really say no if he offered you a job?

Mike Tyson - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Shia LaBeouf

If you’re ever struggling for motivation, all you need to do is look over to Shia’s desk for a little pick-me-up. Imagine him closing a candidate, “Just do it!!!”

Shia LaBeouf Do It - Giphy

J. K. Rowling

People underestimate how far the skills of a good storyteller go in recruitment. If anyone can spin a tale to inspire candidates, J.K. Rowling’s the one for it. Not only this, she knows what it’s like to deal with rejection. Harry Potter was turned down 12 times by different publishers, she didn’t give up and was rewarded for it.

J. K. Rowling - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Don Vito Corleone A.K.A. Marlon Brando

He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Don Vito Corleone - Marlon Brando - giphy

Jessica Ennis-Hill

Not only is she seriously likeable but Jessica Ennis-Hill knows what it takes to truly compete. She won’t stop until she’s the best. She also knows how to overcome a hurdle or two (sorry we had to).

Jessica Ennis - Hill - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

James Milner

He’s not pretty but he certainly is versatile. Whether you’ve got him making teas, scrubbing the toilets or putting a shift in on the phones, James Milner is the type of worker every team needs. How could we not want Mr Reliable in our recruiter dream team? Just don’t let him close, he could send the candidate to sleep.

James Milner - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Leonardo DiCaprio

After Wolf of Wall Street, how could Leo not feature here? Enough said really.

Leonardo Dicaprio - Celebrities Who Would Make Awesome Recruiters

Smithy A.K.A. James Corden

Smithy! He’s everyone’s mate and takes zero crap. From running for Fifa president to training the Manchester United squad, he knows what it takes to succeed. He’s had the backing of Pele, José Mourinho and even received the Coach of the Year Award at Sports Personality of the Year in 2010. Quite possibly the best CV we’ve ever seen.

James Corden Giphy

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