Your Craziest Candidate Excuses Exposed

Earlier this month, we ran a competition where we asked recruiters around the country to share the craziest excuses ever heard from candidates. Now it’s time to expose the most incredible, outrageous and downright bizarre stories you had to share with us.

Not only that, but it’s also time to announce the winner of our competition! Check out the winning entry at the bottom.

Andrew’s Facepalm Inducing Fire

“A candidate didn’t turn up for an interview – rang to say they couldn’t make it as their car had broken down. While checking the engine, they said they dropped their phone under the bonnet which had then caused a fire, so they couldn’t attend the interview and the phone was too damaged to inform us. Funny thing is, they called us later to tell us… on the damaged phone!”

Jonathan’s Candidate’s Got Their Priorities Straight

“I have to cancel the telephone interview, I’m at IKEA”.

Connor & The Murderous Dog

“I can’t come as my dog has escaped and is killing the sheep in the nearby field”.

When Rebecca’s Candidate Needs To Look Their Best

“I’m sorry, I can’t got to my interview tomorrow as I have grey hair and I’m not getting it done until Friday”.

Man’s Best Friend Comes First for Jamie

“I forgot it was my dog’s birthday so I can’t go in today”.

Paul isn’t the Luckiest Recruiter

“I have a few, here’s my top two:

1. A candidate no showed for an interview, he returned my call four hours later saying that on his way out of the house, he turned the light off and got an electric shock which knocked him out. He was woken up four hours later by his cat licking his face. He didn’t rearrange.

2. Another candidate no showed for an interview, I didn’t hear from him for a week and then he called in a week later. He said he was hit by a bus on the way to the interview and had been in hospital for a week. I was suspicious but we rearranged the interview. He turned up to the interview with cuts and bruises to his face and bandages all over. He went on to get the job”.

Nell’s a Recruiter Who Can Bring the Dead Back to Life

“I received a text saying; ‘this is X’s wife, I’m sorry to say he passed away’. The guy then rose from the dead and applied for another role a few days later”.

James’ Chemically Induced Absentee

“Had a candidate in the US say he couldn’t make it to an interview as he had accidentally ingested washing detergent and was not fit to drive”.

Amnesia Prevents George Securing a Deal

“Once had a candidate turn up to the interview, they were outside the building and forgot what they were doing there so turned around and went home. I finally got through to them the next day and was speechless on the phone when I was told this was the reason they didn’t attend”.

Our Thoughts & Prayers Go Out To Abbie’s Candidate’s Cat

“I can’t attend my interview because my cat had an accident and I have to dig a hole and bury it”.

Honesty Not Quite the Best Policy for Reece

“The best excuse I have received is when my candidate did not turn up for his shift and when I called, he said; ‘I won’t lie to you, I am steaming and still partying’. I did have to give him 10/10 for being honest and living his best life”.

That Feeling When Nails Are More Important Than a Job

“One of my colleague’s candidates missed her telephone interview because her nail appointment ran over and she couldn’t pick up the phone because the glue wasn’t dry and her nails were still being done”.

Lee’s Candidate Didn’t Fancy a Fight

“A candidate called me to say he was unable to leave his house because the boyfriend of a woman he had slept with a few nights before was outside his house with his mates waiting for him”.

Natalie’s Candidate is in the Doghouse

“My wife has thrown me out for cheating on her and I can’t get my suit for the interview because she’s locked me out of the house”.

When #Gains Goes Too Far

“I fractured my knee squatting too much in the gym last night”.

And the Winner of the £200 Selfridges Voucher is…

Chloe Beard, with a candidate who’s truly 1 in a million:

“My partner has just won the lottery and I don’t need to work ever again”.

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