The New Year Resolutions All Recruiters Should Make

Take a deep breath, you knew this was coming. Before you’ve had the chance to recover from the insane amount of alcohol that coursed through your veins over New Years, you’re back at your desk and expected to actually work.

What’s that all about?

The start to 2019 can be gruelling, or it could be the ideal opportunity for change. Let’s shake off those cobwebs and give you a renewed sense of self-motivation.

These are the New Year resolutions all recruiters should make.

Try to Get More Sleep

Yes, you read that right. We’re championing the snooze button in our 2019 resolutions.

Your body clock is practically nocturnal by the time your first day at work comes around. Thankfully, self-discipline and a positive mindset begins in bed.

Or at least that’s our excuse to have an extra lie in each morning throughout January.

Countless scientific studies have proven that a good night’s sleep is vital for productivity, happiness and general well-being.

That’s it, we’re going back to bed!

Put the Phone Down

The average person is said to touch their phones 2,617 times a day. There’s only 1,440 minutes in a day. Just take a moment to think about that.

The New Year is a great opportunity to reassess your relationship with your phone (it’s not them, it’s you!).

Try to restrain yourself from consistently checking the group chat or scrolling through Instagram at your desk… even if you are looking at dank memes.

The time saved will make you more efficient in your job and give you a genuine chance to bill more. Concentration levels will also skyrocket as a result.

Just be a normal persona and get your meme fix when you go to the loo.

This goes a step further, recruitment is changing. The industry is championing face-to-face engagement over cold calls. Drive for more genuine engagement with candidates and clients in your role. You’ll be seen as more trustworthy and pack more of a punch when trying to close a deal.

Prioritise Your Mental Fitness

Mental fitness doesn’t involve smashing out a Sudoku on the bus each morning, and it certainly doesn’t give you any Instagrammable benefits (#gains).

Instead, it’s about managing stress, taking regular rests and stimulating yourself enough each day. Essentially, chill the F out about work and set yourself some achievable challenges.

Eating healthy, regular meditation and getting enough rest is proven to help improve your mental functioning too.

By prioritising your mental fitness, your performance at work will dramatically improve and so will your job satisfaction. It’s a win-win!



Set More Challenges

How often do you say that you’re ‘winging it’ at life?

Well stop living like a university student and get a bit of a grip. Set yourself a challenge and work towards it. Yes, adulting is hard but you can handle it with a little practice.

A kick up the derriere from time to time is enough to set you on your path to achieving what you want from 2019.

Plan that trip to Bangkok, learn the tuba, hit those targets!

You’ve got this!

Try Not to Get Paralytic Every Week

Hold on, we’re not saying you should go sober and immediately destroy whatever remnants of a social life you currently have.

We are, however, challenging you to not get paralytic every weekend when you’re out on the town. Trust us, your body will thank us for it, so will the friends who have to pay for your taxi home every Friday night.

Also, you might just discover a new found ability to wake up before noon on a weekend, who knew?

Stop Trying to Multi-Task

Everyone talks about the importance of multi-tasking, but we don’t really buy it.

Multi-tasking is important to a degree but it’s inefficient doesn’t achieve anything more than making you stressed.

Plan your tasks, give yourself enough time and methodically work through each one at a time. You’ll be far more productive.

Keep Yourself Informed On What Matters

We’re not saying that you need to set a notification for every time Donald Trump Tweets abuse at someone or Kim Jong Un threatens to destroy the world.

The news can be depressing at the best of times, you don’t need the stress of looking at the latest headlines every five minutes.

Instead, prioritise news in your industry. Each morning, have a browse of any breaking stories in your sector.

This will focus your mind for the day ahead and impress any clients or candidates you’re talking to. Also, it’s help with a bigger picture view of your recruitment strategies.

Complain Less

Yep, you heard it… quit your moaning!

It’s difficult but if you can stay tight-lipped when you experience a minor inconvenience, you’ll be seen as a far more positive and resilient person.

It’s amazing the impact this can have on your day-to-day life and career opportunities.

Bag Yourself a New Job

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