10 Reasons to Detox this Month

Had a heavy Christmas and New Year? It might be time to put the beer down and start focusing on your body. You’ll probably hear the zen-like recruiters in the office talk about their January detox regimes. Don’t ignore this as a pointless fad. There are some seriously good reasons for giving your body a welcome break. Here are our top 10 reasons to detox this month.

10. Sugar Is 8x More Addictive Than Cocaine

Sugar isn’t a class A but it certainly is addictive. If you’ve binged on the sweets and chocolate over Christmas, you’re likely to keep that trend running into 2020. If you want to buck this trend, you’re going to need to take some permanent time away from the white stuff!

Having a January detox will allow you to break the habits you got into over Christmas and take a healthier approach to food. Time away from sugar will give you the opportunity to make smarter decisions when it comes to your diet post-detox.

9. Press the Reset Button

If you actually want to change certain aspects of your life, a detox is the best time. It helps teach you self-restraint and will give you the opportunity to press the reset button with old habits. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you exercising regularly enough? Do you get enough ‘me time’?

A detox isn’t just about the food you eat or alcohol you consume, it’s about your lifestyle changes. Seeing the benefits from making the right life choices are often enough to instil future habits. A month’s detox might just be the best thing you’ve done.

8. You’ll Have Better Sex!

It’s true! Cutting out toxins like alcohol and tobacco (as well as environmental toxins like chronic stress) will help repair an imbalance in your hormones. This removal of toxins does wonders for your sex drive and performance.

Give it a try, you can thank us later.

7. You Become More Motivated

It’s not easy to detox, it takes self-restraint and will power. By consistently making positive decisions on a daily basis, your brain will congratulate you with a pat on the back in the form of a dopamine release. This is the chemical related to feelings of accomplishment and motivation. By making positive choices, you’ll feel like you’re actually achieving something. This is why vegans are notorious for bragging about their diet – their brain is regularly releasing dopamine.

Now, we’re not saying you should brag about your detox, though the dopamine release will make you feel pretty awesome. It’ll also help your wider motivation in life and work. It’s a positive note to start the year on!

6. The Side Effects Are Awesome

So, the main aim of a detox is to literally remove toxins from the body. This comes with plenty of seriously attractive side effects which will make you a better, more attractive and happier person. Ooh, we’re starting to sound a little like Gillian McKeith!

Here are some of best side effects of a detox:

  • Weight loss
  • An energy boost
  • Less bloating and a visible reduction in puffiness
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved digestion
  • A better night’s sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Reduction in body aches

5. You’ll Become More Creative

Detox doesn’t mean starving yourself or eating boring food. In fact, it presents the perfect opportunity to play around in the kitchen and try dishes you’ve not cooked before. Break the mould and stop eating the same old meals. Grab a healthy cook book and try something new!

Not only will you become more creative in the kitchen but you’ll learn to be a little more adventurous with your social life too. If you’re always meeting up with friends in the same old bar, dry January can help you look for other social activities which you wouldn’t have tried before.

4. You Could Discover Food Sensitivities

A lot of people have sensitivities to specific food groups like gluten and dairy without even knowing it. By detoxing and monitoring your intake, you’re more likely to spot mild sensitivities which have detrimental effects to your body. Subtle reactions to specific food groups can include anything from stomach aches to lethargy, bloating and even inflammation.

Detoxing is the perfect opportunity to scrutinise how specific foods make you feel.

3. You Can Save Money

Everyone’s a little light in the wallet after Christmas. If you’re looking to save money, detoxing could be the way forward. Taking a break from alcohol and smoking can save a huge amount in the long run.

This doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy yourself. It simply means being a little more selective about your social life. Moreover, detoxing can be the perfect excuse to avoid social activities if you’re not especially inspired to attend.

2. You’ll Perform Better At Work

Getting back to work after the Christmas period is difficult for most. While your colleagues and competition are playing catch up, you can hit the ground running and sweep up the available candidates still on the market.

When everyone is on their knees, trying their best to make it to the weekend, you can hit peak performance and show what you’re really made of.

This performance boost will be mainly due to an increase in motivation, a rise in energy levels and a sharper mental state. Who knows, a promotion could be just around the corner!

1 . It Doesn’t Have to Be a Diet

For many, a detox is just a nicer name for a diet. This isn’t actually the case.

A detox may (in part) involve changing your food and drink choices but this can be for the better. Consider Mediterranean food, for instance. It’s delicious, fresh and healthy but is far removed from the rabbit food you associate with the annual pre-Marbs diet.

Try fresh meals and grilled/lightly fried meats instead of anything processed. When you take this approach, you can still get your fill and enjoy mealtimes. If you are frying anything, try switching vegetable or sunflower oil with a high quality olive oil. It’s a superfood and proven to help your heart.

Don’t see your detox as a challenge to overcome, see it as an exciting opportunity to indulge in something a little better for you.

Remove the Toxins at Work

Some of the toxins your body encounters can’t be removed by simply eating better or avoiding the booze. A toxic work environment can lead to chronic stress, insomnia and all manner of nasties. The effect this has on your body can be pretty astounding.

If you’re finding yourself in an environment which is having a detrimental effect, maybe it’s time for a move. Get in touch for a confidential conversation about how we can help you take the next step in your career. We work with plenty of high quality agencies just waiting for new ambitious recruiters. Browse our job board to get a feel for the type of vacancies we currently have on offer.

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