Is Recruitment a Social or Solitary Job?

It’s the same story wherever you go. It’s in every job spec, for every vacancy, in every region of the country. Recruitment is the most sociable job you’ve ever had! But how accurate actually is that statement? Sure, there’s the nightlife, the partying and endless incentives. But what about the solitary nature of the job? What about the single-mindedness of such a competitive atmosphere? The loneliness of the sales floor can be suffocating. So, is recruitment a social or solitary job?

The Infamous Social Life of a Recruiter

Drinking games, frequent visits to the beer fridge and ridiculously indulgent nights out. Pair that with booze inspired sales incentives and you’ve created a company culture which revolves around social activities. We’re just as guilty as anyone for helping to build this reputation.

Recruiters are infamous drinkers and you could say we’re pretty proud of that. It brings us together and helps build team moral.

But is there a deeper underlying reason for this?

The Work Hard, Play Hard Culture

So, we all pledge the work hard, play hard culture. The truth is, we have no other choice. The job is tough. It’s gruelling and downright impenetrable at times. When the weekend comes, we need to let our hair down with friends who understand the plight.

Whether it’s celebrating the wins or consoling the losses, there’s no better place to do that than with people who have been there countless times before.

In recruitment, we’re expected to get the job done. KPIs can be tough (depending on your agency) and the day-to-day activities can be mundane at best. Yes, there are exhilarating and nail-biting moments which can truly get the heart pumping but this is far removed from the Wolf of Wall Street lifestyle you imagined on your first day.


The Loneliness of the Sales Floor

To an outsider, the recruitment sales floor can seem like the last place you’ll feel lonely. Though recruiters can tell a different story altogether.

The autonomy of the job is quite possibly one of the greatest appeals of working in recruitment. You, and only you, are responsible for your performance. It’s certainly not a team sport. Every day, you walk in to a desk which you’ve built up from scratch. You may be pitching via the umbrella of an agency, but don’t get confused, you’re in this alone.

This is a make or break moment of realisation for many recruiters. Some can’t face it. The ones who thrive under the autonomy are those who reach the heights of top biller. Those who struggle can find the sales floor the loneliest place they’ll ever be.

After phoning candidates and clients for hours, days, even weeks with zero progress, you’ll begin to question your own abilities. This is only made more demoralising by a simple glance at those on their feet closing candidates, making deals.

Social Isolation and An Unhappy Career

This can be an unhappy career for many. It’s why a lot agencies have a high staff turnover. We’d be lying if we said the job was for everyone. When you’re struggling on a daily basis with no breakthroughs, surrounded by a team of people who are thriving, you can find yourself more isolated than ever. You work late nights, try to make some kind of headway, but it just isn’t happening. Where’s the problem?

Countless recruiters have found themselves in the same situation. You just need to ask them. The issue lies with your mindset. If you feel alone and stuck in a rut, it can become consuming. By Friday, you’ll be craving an early escape home. Don’t!

When you’re overcome with a feeling of social isolation and the prospect of an unhappy career, we have one piece of advice… go to the pub. This is where things come full circle.

lonely at work

The Missing Ingredient

We think it’s pretty ironic that the missing ingredient in a recruiter’s career can be found in the pub. The truth is, the social life is only the vessel to get you where you need to go. It’s the conversations which matter.

When you feel most alone and isolated in recruitment, it’s not easy to get the reassurances you need on the sales floor. It is however, a topic to chat about in the pub. Talk to your colleagues, explain how awful you’re feeling and you’ll soon learn that you’re not as alone as you may think.

We’ve all been there. Hear the war stories, enjoy a beer and try again next week. Stick it out and the good times will come.

So, is recruitment social or solitary? We guess it’s a bit of the both.

If you’re struggling, just remember, you’ve got this!

Feeling Isolated? Maybe You Need A Change?

Maybe the isolation you’re feeling is a result of something bigger. A toxic dog-eat-dog environment can turn a temporary rut into a canyon of self-doubt. If you can’t find the opportunity to get ahead in the game, change the rules.

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