‘Would You Rather…?’ Recruitment Edition

Who doesn’t love a game of ‘Would You Rather?’ The problem is, it’s not exactly the type of game you can play at the pub after work while your boss is sitting eagerly at the table trying to get in on the conversation.

Now, we’re not planning to let that stop us from having a little fun. Let’s put a recruitment spin on the age old pre-drinks classic. Here’s ‘Would You Rather…?’ the recruitment edition!

Would you rather have a candidate not turn up for their first day, or let your boss scroll through the WhatsApp group chat?

Candidates not turning up on their first day is a pretty nasty feeling. If you’re a seasoned recruiter, you’ve felt this pain pretty often and it’s not fun. Having said that, a lot of crazy stuff goes down in the group chat on WhatsApp. The choice is enough to make anyone’s toes curl.

Would you rather miss out on your next commission payment, or work 7 days a week for the next month?

Commission is everything to a recruiter, most of us wouldn’t be doing the job if we didn’t get this tasty little bonus. But, we also NEED our weekends too. Which one are you choosing?

Would you rather go internal for the next year, or work in Barnsley for a year?

When you go internal, you can give up a lot of the privileges that you love as a recruiter. But then again, Barnsley in February just sounds grim!

Would you rather increase your call time KPI by 10% or be your boss’ PA for 6 months?

We can already see the smug faces of those recruiters who don’t have call time KPIs (including those in our own office). If you’ve got a call time KPI, how do you fancy your chances of it going up? That said, the grilling you’d get for moving from recruiter to the personal assistant for your boss would be too much for most to deal with.

Would you rather go on a date with the last hiring manager you spoke to, or have your boss browse the camera roll on your phone?

Ah, hiring managers. They’re great for business, not so great for dates. However, the real question is, how comfortable are you with the pictures you’ve got saved on your phone?

Would you rather only earn 5% commission on all billings, or do all of your recruiting through Tinder?

Let’s face it, you should be getting 30% commission on all billings. If you’re sitting there thinking that 5% isn’t so bad, you’re in the wrong agency my friend. Though, to recruit solely through Tinder will require strong game and a high tolerance for unsolicited dick pics… What’s your choice?

Would you rather recruit your ex or recruit that old school teacher you used to hate?

It’s not often that you recruit someone you know for a job. But when you do, it’s usually nice to help someone find their next position. So, what if you had to recruit your ex? Or how about that power hungry school teacher you used to hate?

Would you rather relive the pain of your first recruitment heartbreak again, or get punched in the face continuously for the next 2 hours?

It hurts just talking about it.

Would you rather follow up on every job application you get (even the useless ones), or work with colleagues who have no sense of humour?

60% of all applications to job ads are useless, imagine having to call every single one up and hear why they’re supposedly right for the role. Now, imagine a recruitment agency where you’re surrounded by people with zero banter, zero chat and absolutely no chance of taking a joke.

Would you rather work next to a militant vegan, or middle aged man in lycra?

Before anyone says anything, we’re not moaning about vegans. Just vegans of the militant variety. Cyclists are cool too, but a middle aged man in lycra is not a sight to behold first thing on a Monday. We guess it’s also about what smell you’d rather wafting across the desk, boiled cabbage or sweat?

Would you rather take your next career move, or stick with the same problems that have been frustrating you for the last year?

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