How to Get Over the Midweek Slump

Recruitment is a lifestyle. It can take a real toll on your everyday life. When work is getting a little full-on, making it to Wednesday can be a battle in itself. If you find yourself gritting your teeth through a shocker of a week, it’s important to take some time out for yourself. Here’s how to get over the midweek slump.

Take Some Time for Yourself

The recruitment lifestyle can be a little unforgiving at times. Think about it. At weekends, you’re either out with friends or recovering from a heavy night. During the week, you’re working hard, chasing deals and staying late in the office without much chance to rest.

If you’re knackered before Wednesday’s over, it’s time to take some time out for yourself.

Take a night off – make zero plans and have a bit of down time. Leave the call list, they can wait till tomorrow.

Hit the Gym

When you feel like you’re about to burn out, it can be tough to force yourself to hit the gym. Push yourself to work out if you can. The release of endorphins are just what you need right now. Besides, you’ll feel an extra spring in your step tomorrow morning.

Staring at the ceiling every morning, dreading the day ahead? A little exercise in the morning can be the answer. Okay, okay, we know it’s painful to force yourself out of bed an hour earlier. But trust us, it works! A little morning run can do wonders for your energy throughout the day.

Frontload Your Work

Scared of burning out? Try getting the hardest tasks and calls over first thing. You’ll be more alert, have more energy and won’t struggle at the end of the day.

This applies to hitting your targets too. Don’t neglect your call times in the morning, just to play catch-up all afternoon – it’s exhausting.

Being proactive at work can seriously help you from falling flat and underperforming.

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to

Now, this one can be as big or small as you want it to be. You could go all out and book yourself a weekend away, you could arrange a night out with friends or even just a bit of time for yourself on a weekday evening.

What matters most is that you’ve got something to look forward to, a reason to keep slugging away during the tough days.


Cancel Your Plans

Alright, we know we’re sounding hypocritical after our last piece of advice. The truth is, your problem could have something to do with an overactive social life. If you’re the type of person who’s always out doing something, we’re looking at you!

If you’re regularly out seeing friends with little opportunity to actually relax, it’s no surprise you’re struggling. If you’ve had a tough week – it might be worth cancelling a few plans at the weekend to make way for a duvet day in bed catching up on trashy TV.

Get the Little Jobs Done

Feeling demoralised by a never-ending to-do list? If you’ve got a tonne of small jobs which need your attention, now’s your opportunity. Working a little harder to get back on top of things will make you feel productive.

It’ll also prevent you from staying up all night worrying about work instead of sleeping. You’ll thank yourself for it tomorrow.

Go Back to the Drawing Board

If you’re really struggling to do anything right, it’s not the end of the world. There is a way out. Just try not to panic. Sit yourself down at your desk and get back to basics.

Going back to the drawing board and focusing on getting the easy stuff right can be an effective way of steadying the ship. We all have bad weeks, we all get tired and fed up. You just need to keep going, lay the fundamentals and give yourself the best chance to be back on top next week. Don’t let this week’s poor form affect next week’s performance.

Maybe You’re Not the Problem

Have you considered that maybe you’re not the issue here? You could be grinding to a halt because you’re not challenged enough, you don’t enjoy your environment or you’re stuck in a toxic culture. If you know what you’re worth and think your agency is holding you back, we can help.


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