Things We Wish All Candidates Knew

There’s sometimes an us/ them divide found between recruiters and candidates. Time to stamp it out.

If both ‘sides’ could understand each other better, wouldn’t that help relationships? We say yes.

We thought we’d get the ball rolling on this one. Here are the things we wish all candidates knew.

Our Job isn’t as Easy as Candidates Think

A lot of candidates think we’re little more than middle men and women who forward a CV to the client and collect a fat commission payment at the end.

This isn’t true!

In fact, there’s a bit more to it than that. From giving interview advice to sourcing vacancies from new and existing clients – a lot goes on behind the scenes.

That magic wand some people think exists? We’re yet to find it. But – we wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, who wants to take the easy way out?

We’re not Trying to Pressure Anyone into a Job They Hate

We get this one quite often.

It’s no secret that recruiters get commission for placing candidates into a job. This leads many to believe we’ll push candidates into any role or vacancy – whether they want to be there or not. Our motive? A tasty extra in the bank.

Those who think this couldn’t be more wrong! If someone doesn’t like their job, it’s unlikely they’ll stick it out. So, who’s benefiting in this scenario?

Truthfully, we’re just trying to match the right candidate with the right job. This thrill is what keeps us coming back for more. Call it an addiction if you must!

We Want Candidates to Be Honest With Us

We know a candidate is interested in other roles, and that they’ve probably massaged their CV along the way.

But, honesty gives our candidates the best chance of success! So, we’re not lying when we say we genuinely want the truth.



You Can’t Pull the Wool Over Our Eyes

We can spot a liar from a mile away! Call it what you will – experience, intuition – or just having been around the block too many times.

What we do know is that the best recruiter/ candidate relationships are open and honest.

The Way Candidates Talk to Us is a Reflection on Our Relationship

We’re doing everything we can to help. Success is mutually beneficial, after all!

What’s the secret? There’s a whole list we could give for this one. But, our personal favourite? Building a good rapport with candidates.

A Little Humility Goes a Long Way

Confidence is essential – arrogance is a different story.

Here, the answer is simple. Showing a little humility will not only prove someone is a team player, but also a desirable member of staff. It’s a win-win!

The Way Someone Presents Themselves Online Does Matter

It’s okay for a candidate to upload pictures on a night out with a beer in hand. Let’s face it – recruiters aren’t unfamiliar with drinking.

But, there’s a line.

Unfortunately, that picture of their head resting against a urinal with vomit decorating their shirt does a lot to undermine that section on their CV which discusses how reliable they are. Social media can be a dealbreaker.

Luckily – these cases are few and far between!

First Impressions Really are Everything

A good first impression is everything! A candidate’s success is our success – and starting off on the right foot is key here.

Only Stand Out for the Right Reasons

Those candidates who only speak in buzzwords can be spectacularly unforgettable.

We’re looking for someone who makes us sit up and pay attention! Those that do stand out for all the right reasons.

We are Actually Busy

Silence isn’t a rejection. Not following up an interview doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten a candidate.

Rather, it’s often simply a case of being busy. We know we care about our candidates – maybe we just need to remind them more often…

We Can Crave Change

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We know the industry well, so we deal only with the best clients and candidates.

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