Where Do Recruiters Come From?

When you look around the recruitment office, it can be easy to forget where each consultant came from. Recruitment is a job open to such a diverse range of people, all with different backgrounds and experience. When we hire, we look for the qualities an individual brings to the table above their previous job title. This allows for some pretty colourful back stories. So, this got us thinking – where do recruiters come from?

The Entrepreneur

They have flair, swagger and buckets of determination. This recruiter wants to own a business one day. The problem is, they haven’t the experience or money to do it.

Recruitment is an industry which appeals to those who have a thirst for business. From the very first day, you’ll take charge of your own desk. Building relationships, chasing leads and benefiting from return clients. Recruitment essentially allows you to build your own business with the security and safety net of being an employee. It’s a win-win!

The Sales Guy

Who needs university? This recruiter has worked their way up the ranks and is ready to play with the big boys. From upselling Vaseline at the tills in Primark to hammering the new iPhone in Carphone Warehouse, nothing that gets them more excited than the prospect of a deal.

They work hard, have buckets of resilience and understand rejection is just part of the game. It’s not going to take much for this recruiter to hit the ground running.

They can be a little cynical about the recruiters who went to uni. This is just another reason they’ll succeed in the job – they want to outperform everyone else.

The ‘Ooh Money’ Graduate

This recruiter had no idea what they were doing – let’s face it, they’re six months into the job and they still don’t. All they know is, after three years of pot noodles and beans on toast, a £20k starting salary with potential earnings of £30k was too good to turn down.

This recruiter is entirely money motivated and we love it. At uni, they didn’t have a clue where they’d end up. While friends were talking about grad schemes in corporate tax and banking, they were enjoying their final days of student life. When faced with the possibility of becoming a barista, they had to act fast. Ooh, look at all that pretty money – recruitment it is then!

The Dreamer

They’ve got big dreams and who are we to deny them? We know they’re not here for the long term but they’re chasing money and we can admire that.

Whether it’s saving for a house, travelling the world or achieving a personal ambition – they’re looking to build up the financial capital to get what they want. After all, earned money is better than debt!

My Mate Does It

This consultant isn’t new to the idea of recruitment. Their friend’s been tapping them up for months. They’re sick of watching their mate flash the cash on nights out. It’s their turn to take on the industry.

Oh and the referral scheme was a little too good to turn down. Free beer and £300 cash for following in a friend’s footsteps, they couldn’t say no! Now they’re the one everyone’s jealous of.

Rewards for referring a successful recruiter or candidate

The Career Recruiter

They’ve planned ahead, plotted their route to the top and know exactly what it takes to get there. The career recruiter hasn’t stumbled upon the industry, they’ve been craving it.

Sitting at the very pinnacle of sales, becoming top biller and eventually building their own team of consultants – it’s what gets them up in the morning. This recruiter is just begging to get on the phone and start billing.


What’s your story? We want to hear about where you came from and what makes you such a great recruiter. If you’re looking to take the next step in your recruitment career, we want to hear from you. We’re currently working on a wide range of jobs which could be perfect for you. Have a browse of our job board to get a feel for what we have on offer.

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