Recruitment New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

For quite some time, the recruitment industry has been stuck under a cloud. The reputation of years gone by has seen us struggle to earn the trust and respect of the general public. It saddens us to think people perceive recruitment in such a negative way, so we wanted to shout about what makes our industry so great.

This year, we’re making new year resolutions of an altogether different kind. We’re not looking at the things we dislike about ourselves and asking for change. Instead, we’re taking a look at the best sides of our industry and making a promise to work together with agencies to keep this momentum going in 2020.

Triumphing Quality Over Quantity

Today, recruitment is so much more than hitting send on CV emails to hiring managers. Triumphing a quality over quantity approach is what drives our industry forward and changes perception.

Taking the time to assess the requirements of a position, a company’s culture and the soft skills needed from a candidate is always a vital step in our process. This helps us to ensure the candidates we submit are those who will surely thrive in the job. Saving time, helping build trust and delivering fulfilling career moves are definitely better than an inbox full of irrelevant CVs.

It’s not just us either, this approach is widely adopted across the industry.

Inclusivity for Everyone

In days of recruitment past, agencies were often old boys’ clubs rife with sexism, homophobia and prejudiced attitudes. Think Wolf of Wall Street style attitudes.

This couldn’t be further from the truth in today’s agencies. The beauty of recruitment is that progression and earnings are solely based on a person’s billings. No matter your race, gender, sexuality, nationality or age… if you are good at your job, you’ll rise up the ranks and get the kudos you deserve.

Today, the conversation about inclusivity is commonplace in most industries, though the institutionalised bias can often remain when it comes to progression opportunities. The entire business model that recruitment agencies are built upon remove this from ever being an issue.

Ongoing Mental Health Support

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people in their lifetime. Just take a moment to consider that stat.

It’s great to see that mental health is finally getting the public discourse it needs and employers are actively supporting their employees to be open about this.

Now, recruitment is a tough job and the stress of the day-to-day can at times put a strain on the mental health of recruiters. Agencies aren’t blind to this fact though and many are deeply passionate about helping their employees when needed.

Recently, the social aspect of the job has less emphasis on getting as drunk as possible and more on rewarding employees for their hard work. Recruitment agencies are some of the best at taking their workers out of the office regularly to let their hair down and relax. A bit of R&R goes a long way.

Not only this, there are some exquisite agencies out there with policies directly created to give employees the support and space needed when struggling from mental illness.

Tailor-Made Incentives

We’ve seen plenty of agencies out there that have made recruiters’ personal goals come true. Whether this is help buying a house, assistance in securing that dream car or even support in setting up a business – there are a lot of wholesome stories to come from our industry.

When you climb past a certain level in recruitment, there are agencies out there that will give you a helping hand in securing your ambitions. These will come in the form of tailor-made incentives. A goal is set, as are targets and if met, the agency will help the recruiter reach their dream.

We’re tough pushed to find another industry out there that does quite so much to reward their employees for their hard work.

Stability in Life

From the long list of great things about recruitment (trust us, we could go on all day) this one really takes the cake in our view.

Recruitment is an industry which gives every employee the ability to live a stable life. The sector pays well and offers generous commission structures that ensures all employees can achieve financial stability. This isn’t the case for many sectors. If you’re committed in recruitment, you’ll earn a significant amount of money and are less likely to suffer economic hardships.

Plenty of people give recruitment a poor wrap, but we’ve not come across an agency that doesn’t pay even their most junior employees a decent salary. That stands for a lot in our eyes.

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