Why the Best Recruitment Agencies are Communities, Not Companies

Whether you’re new to recruitment or have been around the block a few times before, finding a new agency isn’t simple. You need to be sure that you’re applying to the best company possible. You need to know that your new agency is standing at the cutting edge of the recruitment sector.

We’ve gone in depth before explaining how to tell the best agencies from the less than desirable ones. But now, we touch upon a point which deserves its own time in the spotlight.

The best agencies are communities, not companies. If you can find agencies which tick this box when job hunting, you’ll be on to a winner. Here, we’ll explain what we mean by this and how you can spot a community feel in a new agency.

A Family First Approach

The best agencies put employees at the heart of what they do. Wellbeing of recruiters comes before billings on their priority list. This sounds counterintuitive but it does actually make sense in the long run – a happy workforce is a productive one!

The best agencies have a distinctive family feel where everyone feels valued and cared for in their working environment. Employee satisfaction skyrockets while staff turnover drops. Recruiters will demonstrate a clear loyalty to the agency – people will feel proud to be a part of what the owners are building. It’s no longer a business, it’s a family.

Strong Support Networks

Recruitment is a tough job. Some consultants can find the dramatic highs and lows difficult to handle at first. No one should have to struggle in silence or feel like they have no one to reach out to during the low months.

Your team should have your back. If you’re struggling, they should be there to help you get back on track. This will come in various different forms.

First and foremost, each recruiter should have a close-knit friendship group which offers the support and help needed in an informal setting. Beyond this, management should be able to recognise which recruiters are going through difficulties and use this as an opportunity to deliver additional hands-on training.

Recruiters shouldn’t be made to feel bad about having a tough time, they should be given the guidance needed to help them back on track.

Training & Support Networks in Recruitment

Personal Development & Training

The individual should be at the centre of any training programme or personal development offered by agencies.

Countless agencies offer training schemes, but this shouldn’t be used in isolation as a barometer to determine which companies are best. The very top agencies go a step beyond simple training schemes. They’ll look at personal performance and understand what your individual pain points are. They’ll review your performance and deliver tailored training sessions to ensure you know how to get the most out of your efforts.

The best agencies put a huge emphasis on personal development. For instance, if you’re working in a specialist market which requires a solid working knowledge of the sector, your agency should invest in your learning.

Clear progression opportunities should be highlighted for each recruiter and you should understand what is required to step up to the next level.

A New Type of Perk

So, we’re not saying that you need to give up the Ibiza holidays just yet, but what if you could work in an agency where your perks were a little more personal?

We’ve worked with clients before who run incentives to help consultants buy their dream house or car. The best agencies will know what matters to you personally and may help you get there by transferring your incentives into real world benefits.

Understanding the People Behind the Business

Irrelevant of whether you work in a huge blue chip recruitment agency or growing SME, the very best agencies understand that it’s people who make a business.

Being part of a community means understanding and appreciating the people who make things happen on a day-to-day basis. This is the crux of what you should be looking for from your next role in the industry.

Find an agency which looks at you as a person with genuine interests, hopes and ambitions, while doing everything it can to help you achieve them.

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