The Recruitment Food Chain! Where Can You Eat Brunch?

Everyone says Thursdays are the new Friday. Great! We love a night out on a Thursday. But now you’re hungover on a Friday morning. We feel your pain. Brunch is calling! Unfortunately there’s a natural order to this world. Not everyone can afford a pricey eggs benedict. So here’s the recruitment food chain. Go grab a bite to eat and recover in time for tonight.

The Trainee – Greggs

So you’re fresh to the recruitment game? Definitely not billing just yet. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to live like a king just yet. Head to Greggs and grab a pasty. The perfect balance of grease, sustenance and shame will get you back on track!

Greggs - The Recruitment Food Chain

The Consultant – Mac & Wild

Imagine if a restaurant could offer a dish designed specifically to destroy your hangover. Now consider the selection in question is pretty accurately titled the ‘Scooby Snack’. Still got your attention? This dish is an enormous burger made of bacon, sausage, black pudding, a fried egg and ‘tatty scone’ (basically a hash brown). The monster, courtesy of Mac & Wild, will increase your chances of heart failure but boy does it work! Oh and for the record, this Scottish hideaway offers Irn Bru ice lollies too… How could you possibly say no?


'Scooby Snack' at Mac & Wild (Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

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The Senior Consultant – Bad Egg

An Instagram pic waiting to happen, Bad Egg is a scruffy City brunch spot that’ll become your new regular. Red leather booths, a punk soundtrack and a meaty Mexican influenced brunch menu. It’s a match made in hangover heaven! Eggs are (obviously) the leading offering from this spot but we seriously have to recommend the mini tacos or pancakes with chicken. With Brunch for two at £50 (£70 if you’re feeling up to unlimited cocktails) it’s perfect pricing for a Senior Consultant.

Bad Egg - The Recruitment Food Chain (Image Courtesy of Bad Egg)

Image courtesy of Bad Egg

Line Manager – Duck & Waffle

Now we’re talking! You think earning commission is great, just wait till you earn a cut of your team’s billings. Line Managers have the cash to splash and what better place to splash it than Duck & Waffle? The glass lift that shoots you up to the 40th floor at Heron Tower is pretty damn extravagant. The views are incredible but you came for the food… and you will not be disappointed! The prices match the surroundings but when you taste the restaurant’s signature eponymous dish, you’ll know exactly why.

Duck & Waffle (Image Courtesy of Best of the Brunch)

Image courtesy of Best of the Brunch

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Director – The Wolseley

Exceptional! There really isn’t any other way to describe The Wolseley. Pageantry, quality and prestige are all on the order of service here. The black, gold and cream interior of this London institution echoes the class and style of the occassion. If you’ve had a heavy night, there’s no better way to start the day than a plate or two in one of the finest brunch spots in London. As a Director, you can forget the clichéd hipster restaurants the rest of the team visits. Head somewhere with a little decorum.

The Wolseley (Image Courtesy of The Wolseley)

Image courtesy of The Wolseley

Owner – Breakfast in Bed

Why would the owner go to work hungover? You’ve worked this hard to build up your empire. Have breakfast in bed, you deserve it!

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