A Recruitment Veteran’s Life Lessons

You might think you know recruitment… that’s cute!

Take it from me, you don’t. Not really anyway. You might be sitting there with a little experience, heck you might even have some half decent billings to your name. But rest assured, you’ve not got this industry sewn up.

Grab a notepad, pick up a pen and start taking notes. These are my life lessons as a recruitment veteran to any fresh faced, bright eyed resourcers out there.

Learn to Love ‘The Wall’

If you’re on a roll, it can be easy to think you’re unstoppable. Don’t get me wrong, feeling invincible while smashing in billings all over the shop is a great position to be in. Just don’t let it get to your head. It will come to an end.

One day you’ll saunter into work with a chip on your shoulder and cheeky grin just to see it all come crumbling down. Your winning streak will die an abrupt death and before the month’s out, you’ll be questioning whether all those deals were actually just a fluke.

This is known as the ‘The Wall’. Acknowledge it, respect it, learn to love it.

The Wall is what breaks many recruiters. This is your test, have you really got what it takes? If you’re a natural for recruitment and truly possess the determination and grit to grind for the win, you’ll come through the other side and be stronger for it.

Enjoy the fight, welcome the test… you’ve got this!

There’s Always Someone Bigger… Not Necessarily Someone Better

Size matters… if you don’t believe that, you’ve been fed a few lies my friend.

There will be bigger agencies out there competing for the same clients and candidates as you. Their size and reputation will put you at a disadvantage. It’ll make your life harder. Nevertheless, skill and talent are usually more important than size. If you’re the better recruiter, you may just find you can outplay the big boys when dealing with a competitive role.

Keep your head high and work with what you’ve got.

Be Considerate & Likeable

You want to know one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give about having a long and happy career?

Just be nice.

Seriously though, be a considerate and likeable person in the office and opportunities will come your way. Don’t just think about yourself, show a little compassion to those you speak to when recruiting.

It sounds simple but will go a long way. Your candidates aren’t extra zeros to add to your bank balance, nor are they KPIs you’ve got to keep on top of. They’re people who are making a huge life decision with your help. Remember that when you’re thinking of strongarming anyone into a deal.

Oh and don’t microwave fish in the office… that’s guaranteed to rub people up the wrong way.

There’s Always a Lesson to Learn

Failure isn’t an issue… it never was and never will be.

Think about the most successful person you know. They look like they’re smashing it at life but they’ve probably failed more times than most. Everything is trial and error. Keep going and keep learning from your mistakes.

The people who don’t make it are those who don’t learn from their lessons or don’t have enough self-belief to try again.

This is what we mean when we say your success is your choice.

Not Every Opportunity is Immediate

There’s a tendency in modern recruitment to disregard anything which isn’t an immediate opportunity. It’s easy to see why this is the case, but it’s not how you build a reputation.
Don’t just disregard candidates who aren’t looking to move just yet. Make sure you’re the first person they call when they’re looking for a new job. This goes for clients too.

Sometimes you’ve got to nurture a relationship before you can profit from it. This is what all the best recruiters do.

We’re not saying you should waste time making pointless calls – just make sure you’re the recruiter who’s remembered when your services are needed.

Know When to Leave

Moving to a new agency isn’t admitting defeat. It’s not about your shortcomings or inability to thrive off your own accord.

Sometimes, you’re not in an environment which fosters success in its employees. Sometimes, you can put yourself at a disadvantage by not jumping ship at the right time. If you think you’ll have a better opportunity elsewhere, take the move to further your career.

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