Revealed: How Recruiters Are Voting in the Election

It’s the talk of the country. The most important general election in recent history. Once it’s all over, hopefully we can talk about something else for a change. Yet, while we’re quickly approaching the 12th December, we thought we’d stick our oar into the mix.

So, how are recruiters voting in the election?

To answer this question, we scoured the country and asked a number of ‘totally real’ recruiters about their political opinions.

Eliza (24, East London) – Corbyn for the Revolution!

Well, SURELY there’s only one way you can be voting if you’re an intelligent, caring, moral and humane person… and that’s for Labour. I’m team Jezza all the way.

Everyone I know is voting Labour, although that doesn’t surprise me much because I wouldn’t be socialising with any Tory scum. I consider myself to have strong morals like that.

I mean, let’s face it, the Conservatives have ruined this country and it’s time we all rose up and played our part in the revolution.

We NEED another referendum on Brexit because people now realise what a catastrophic idea it was. Hopefully this time, the racists won’t win!!!

Julian (46, Oxfordshire) – The Conservatives are the Only Reasonable Option

In all honesty, a vote for anyone other than the Conservative party is a vote which will not benefit a sustainable growth for our glorious country.

As a recruiter in my 40s, I earn well over £100k each year and quite honestly, I see no reason why I should be made to pay additional tax to a Labour government who will simply share my hard earned money with scroungers who are too lazy to work.

I’m proud to be British, I’m proud to live in a country which rewards people for their hard work. I shouldn’t be made to pay for people who take money for sitting on their stinking backsides all day, watching dreadful daytime TV shows like The Chase or Flog It, instead of working for a living like the rest of us. The sheer thought of it gives me shivers.

Brexit means Brexit. We are Great Britain, we shouldn’t be tied to EU regulations and be elbowed into abiding by laws made in Brussels. We are a proud nation who can return to our previous position of greatness.

Eleanor (30, Edinburgh) – Leaning Towards Lib Dems

I’ve been deliberating a lot over my decision to be honest. I’m definitely not voting for the Conservatives, that much I know. I grew up in a working class family and don’t think they have my best interests at heart.

The problem is, I don’t really trust Jeremy Corbyn either. He’s too radical in my mind and I’m scared about us going too far in the opposite direction under a Labour government. I agree with a lot of the Green Party’s policies but can’t help think it’s a wasted vote.

So, I’m leaning towards Lib Dem but hope they don’t flip flop around like the last time they had a resurgence.

Dave (30, Skegness) – UKIP OI OI

I was talkin’ to a few of the lads in the boozer last night about this one. Well, I’m definitely votin’ UKIP mate.

You see, these last few years there’s been a huge influx of these Bulgarians, Polish, Hungarians and Lithu… Litha… what’s that one called? Lithuania, that’s it. Bloody Lithuanians too. They’re all comin’ in to the local area and takin’ all the jobs up and that.

Like, we’re not a big country or anythin’ and we should put British people first. I’m not being racist or nothin’, it’s our country and it’s only fair.

I’ve also been gettin’ fewer deals lately and can’t help but think it’s those bloody Bulgarians stealing all the jobs from us Brits. I tell you what mate, this country’s goin’ downhill fast. We’ve got to take a hard line, you understand? Don’t worry, I’m not bein’ racist.

Phillipa (23, Devon) – Vote Green for Greta

Climate change is a crisis and the Green party are pledging the most and offering the most serious approach to resolving that.

I was going to vote Labour because they have the best chance of beating the Conservatives. But then I thought to myself, ‘what would Greta Thunberg do?’ We need to make a change. We need to rid ourselves of single use plastics, we need to give more money to finding a resolution to the climate change crisis. Green is the party for me.

Don’t Forget to Vote on the 12th December!

All joking aside, this general election is one of the most important in recent history. With Breixt looming, turmoil in Westminster and the two main party leaders so vastly different in their views, it’s important that everyone has their say.

Whatever your political opinions, make sure you go out and vote on the 12th December. Your vote matters!

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