Introducing… The Modern Recruiter

Recruitment seems to have a bit of a stereotype issue. We’ve seen it often and we’ve even poked fun at it several times in our articles. But, when the joking stops, it can be frustrating to see that automatic judgement most people make when we introduce ourselves as recruiters.

The recruiter stereotype is just that though, a stereotype. Looking at much of the industry, it’s actually pretty outdated too.

So, let us introduce you to The Modern Recruiter… Maybe we can change a few perceptions.

They’re all about personal brand

The Modern Day Recruiter is a micro-influencer in their own right. No, we’re not saying they spend their days sitting in coffee shops posting pics of their skinny latte on Insta (not all of them anyway). Instead, they are an ace at networking, building connections and regularly post in a professional capacity to keep themselves at the forefront of people’s minds.

A quick review of their LinkedIn account and you’ll see posts about their sector which demonstrate their knowledge, the latest job ads written in an authentic and caring tone, as well as lots of info about their current business culture.

A strong personal brand doesn’t just make the connection count go up, it makes them the recruiter who’s first to mind when a candidate feels ready to make their next move.

They actually pride themselves on their integrity

Integrity and recruitment. Two words which seemed to be contradictory not long ago.

The funny thing is, the image of a sleazy recruiter who will sell a candidate into any position for a slice of commission couldn’t be further from the truth these days. Recruiters pride themselves on their integrity and honesty.

In every successful recruiter we see, these qualities are often fundamental character traits. The trust that clients and candidates have in a recruiter’s ability to give genuine advice and guidance is often what keeps them coming back.

Healthy mind + healthy body = successful career

The Modern Day Recruiter looks after themself. Yes, they love a drink, but often you’ll be more likely to find them in the gym than in the pub.

The more experienced (and often more successful) recruiters are well aware of the pressures of the job. They maintain a healthy work/life balance which prevents the onset of burnout and they look after themselves.

Often, recruiters eat healthily, understand the importance of mindfulness and keep their body in prime condition.

Creative & liberating working environments

Forget the power hours and grey call centre vibes. Recruiters often take preference to creative and exciting working environments which allow them to network with other businesses, host meetings, socialise with colleagues and most importantly, not want to run away the moment they’re allowed to.

We’ve seen an uplift in the number of agencies which make exciting co-working spaces like WeWork their home.

They are passionate about their markets

The Modern Day Recruiter doesn’t care much for being a generalist who knows just enough jargon to hold a conversation. Instead, they become specialists within their niche market, often subscribing to publishers in the space, reading up on the latest developments and fully immersing themselves within the subject.

Recruiters look to build communities of people within their market, positioning themselves as a focal point who explains how changes in the industry can affect the landscape of employment within each field.

They’re available, flexible & proactive

This recruiter doesn’t have to be tied to a desk, phone permanently glued to their ear, making their way through call sheets to get a deal.

They’re proactive, flexible and always available for candidates and clients. They don’t think twice about leaving the office to have a meeting with a client to truly understand their needs, business culture and ideal candidate.

It’s this proactive approach to go out, drive conversations and build rapport that makes them so much more skilled at finding the perfect candidate for each role.

They embrace change & new technology

Technology is changing all industries and recruitment is no different. The Modern Day Recruiter is an early adopter of this tech. They embrace the productivity, ease of access and reach that new technology can bring to their game, while often taking the time to educate others and advocate for new platforms.

We’ve already seen lots of exciting tech breakthrough and become successful in the recruitment sector, like:

  • Hinterview – an innovative tool that brings video to the forefront in recruiting
  • SourceBreaker – using AI to match recruiters to the best candidates & automate processes
  • OneUp – sales productivity tool which can even replace KPIs with gamification

The Modern Day Recruiter gets excited by the opportunities technology brings and leverages the opportunities it provides to get a competitive advantage in their market.

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