It’s About Time the Dinosaurs of Recruitment Went Extinct

That’s it, we’ve had enough!

No matter how hard the recruitment industry tries to push forward and change its image, we’re being held back by a select few. We’re pointing the finger at the dinosaurs of the industry. These misogynistic, prejudiced, bigoted individuals remain stuck in their Dark Age mindset. No matter what we do, recruitment will never clear its name if they’re still here.

It’s time for a change…

We’ve already laid down the gauntlet with our Recruitment Revolution Manifesto. But, it’s not a true revolution without a little bloodshed. We’re taking a hard line on this one… it’s about time the dinosaurs of recruitment went extinct!

The Recruitment Revolution

We’re standing on the cusp of a major change in the industry! Recruiters and agencies around the country are hearing our call to arms. Together we’re uniting to build a better future for recruitment. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and craft a new reputation for recruiters…

This is the Recruitment Revolution!

But, how could we possibly stand here and preach about the future of an industry where totalitarian managing directors still lead agencies in their own bigoted image?

Agencies run by dinosaur recruiters are notorious for their misogyny, bias, prejudices and excessively laddish attitudes. This behaviour is no longer representative of recruitment as a whole. We won’t let it stand anymore.

It’s up to us all to take a stand and push them out for good!

Part of a Wider Problem

If your agency is built in the image of a dinosaur recruiter, the behaviour you witness on the sales floor won’t be your only problem. These types of agencies are some of the biggest culprits for the worst recruiter behaviours we’re trying to stamp out of the industry.

Recruiter Bias

Recruiter bias is both conscious and unconscious. There’s a pretty strong correlation between agencies with a toxic culture and those which are conscious in their prejudices. Candidates from certain backgrounds, religions, races, sexes and educations will find it more difficult to find a job through these recruiters.

You may think that you don’t share this mentality (at least we hope you don’t), but merely working in this type of agency will lead to unconscious bias, even if you don’t intend it. This NEEDS to be stamped out of the industry immediately. If you’re nervous about this, the answer’s simple – find a better employer!

The Gender Pay Gap

Oh come on! How is this still a thing???

The gender pay gap is ridiculous in all industries, but it shouldn’t exist at all in recruitment. The best recruiters should be rewarded and promoted based on performance. If you’re sitting in an agency which pays women less than men, irrelevant of performance, it’s time to get out!

Recruitment Gender Pay Gap

How Can YOU Make a Difference?

All this talk of revolution may sound exciting, but how can you actually get involved?

If you believe in the cause, this is what you need to do:

Hold Yourself in Higher Regard

If you’re a consultant, you may not think you’ve got what it takes to make a stand against the big boys in your agency. You needn’t face them head on.

Hold yourself in a higher regard. If the general attitude in your agency just doesn’t sit right with you, don’t overlook it – move on! There are plenty of agencies out there who want a recruiter like you – someone who aspires to be more. The best recruiters won’t stick around in the deadbeat agencies of yesterday.

Be Honest

There’s a chance that the dinosaurs don’t actually know what they’re doing wrong. However ridiculous it may sound, there are plenty of people out there who are ignorant to their own behaviour. If you can’t confront the dinosaur head on, try asking the company to introduce a way of incorporating anonymous feedback. Here, you can give a full explanation of how shocking their behaviour is and how it makes you feel. There’s a strong chance you won’t be the only one highlighting this issues.

If this is the case, the issues you discuss may be dealt with swiftly by those at the top. The dinosaur may evolve rather than going extinct.

Get HR Involved

If you’ve experienced some genuinely awful behaviour from a dinosaur, head to your agency’s HR department. No matter how tightly knit an agency may be, they still can’t escape employment law. If you present a complaint about the dinosaur to HR, they HAVE to listen.

Confronting the problem is scary and takes some serious guts, but it’ll help drive this behaviour out of the industry for good!

NOTE: Taking action like this may make life difficult for you at work. You could open yourself up to future issues with the dinosaur, but we’ve got your back. If you’re embedded within a toxic environment, we can help you find an exit to an agency which actually cares about their image in the industry.

Recruiter Working in a Toxic Environment

Do NOT Stand For It Anymore!

We’re putting it out there, this type of attitude and behaviour must come to an end. Agencies like this are still active and operating, dragging our names through the dirt.

Join the Recruitment Revolution. Share your anger and outrage on social media. We can push the dinosaurs out once and for all.

If you do nothing, you’re guilty by sheer association. Take the leap, jump ship and start pointing the finger. This can’t go on!

Looking for an Out?

If you’re stuck in a toxic environment, unable to take action until you find an alternative agency, we can help you. Explain the situation, tell us what makes you angry about recruitment. We’ll help you find an agency which shares the same values as you.

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