Dear Santa: A Recruiter’s Christmas Letter

Dear Santa,

It’s the most wonderful time of year… but all I can think of is how I need a new job. I know people usually write to you asking for things like expensive rings or a Playstation 4, but this year I’m doing something different.

This year, all I want for Christmas is a job in recruitment. Here’s why…

A Fair Commission Structure

Find a sales job out there that offers a commission structure as good as recruitment does. You’ll have a tough time.

30% is quickly becoming the industry average and I want a piece of that pie!

There’s Less Focus on KPIs

Obviously some targets are important and I can understand why they’re used, but a less target driven environment is quickly becoming the norm in recruitment.

Agencies are standing up and taking notice of just how effective it is to leave consultants to work in a way which suits them. And it’s paying off!

An Autonomous Environment

The top agencies allow recruiters an environment where they can work autonomously. This is where we are really given the chance to shine.

When your success or failure falls on your own shoulders, it’s a sure fire way to feel satisfied in everything you achieve.

I’m looking for an agency which gives me the space to flourish off the back of my own work.

The Ability to Become Immersed in a Market

When recruiting in specialised markets, it’s important to actually know what you’re talking about.

The top agencies are really starting to promote learning within each sector. Giving a recruiter the time and freedom to really understand the sectors they’re working in is guaranteed to get more placements.

It also makes for an exciting challenge, getting clued up in a new sector is one of the best parts of finding your feet in recruitment.

The Freedom to Build Lasting Relationships

Recruitment is an industry which thrives on relationships.

Having the freedom to meet with candidates and clients to build lasting relationships helps ensure your number is the first that’s called when they’re looking for help again.

Plenty of agencies encourage their consultants to take the time to get out there and build rapport with their candidates and clients.

I’m the Sole Responsibility for My Progression

There are plenty of industries and sectors which require you to play the game of corporate snakes and ladders to really progress further. Recruitment isn’t one of them.

In this industry, our progression is our own responsibility. If we thrive, we climb the ladder. It really is as simple as that.

Control Over Earnings

Ever just wished you could earn more money? In recruitment, it doesn’t have to be just a wish.

Recruiters have direct control over their earnings. The more you put in, the more deals you make, the more you earn.

It’s tough to find many jobs out there which gives workers quite as much control over their earning potential.

All I Want for Christmas is Recruitment

There are some great companies out there that are driving recruitment towards a far more consultative and inclusive future.

We don’t work in a business that should be belittled or looked down on anymore. We offer a valuable service that can and should be seen in a positive light.

Find me an agency which has the right attitude, culture and ethics. There are plenty out there.

Thanks Santa,

Your Next Top Biller

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