How Quickly Can You Actually Progress in Recruitment?

Recruitment is a career that constantly bangs the drum about rapid progression, fast-tracked promotions and a far quicker route to the big money than most industries. This is certainly true for any agency worth their salt.

Despite this, it’s important to keep your ego in check. We’ve seen plenty of recruiters soar in their first year and left disappointed when their expected path to ascension hasn’t been fully gratified.

We want to pose the question; how quickly can you actually progress in recruitment? In the process, we can dispel a few myths and manage your expectations as a recruiter who’s finding success in the industry.

Just because you’re winning, it doesn’t mean you’re top dog… yet!

You Are in Control of Your Progression, But You Must Prove Yourself Fully

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your career in recruitment isn’t established after a few months of good performances.

Plenty of consultants look around waiting for the promotions to come flooding in when they go through their first real sustained period of success. The problem is, you’ve not yet proven yourself fully by this stage.

By all means, if you’ve met your agency’s criteria for a promotion, you deserve one. But heed our words, you are not yet an established recruiter.

Your ability to keep moving forward during the bad months tell us far more than your ability to succeed when everything is going well.

Consistency is Key to Success

A lot of junior recruiters have their sights set on becoming top biller or hitting exceptional figures in a single month. While we would definitely welcome this achievement, consistency of billings is more important.

Most agencies would rather an agent who is consistently good over someone who performs exceptionally one month and then goes through a dry spell for the following two.

Try to get a little perspective. There’s likely a handful of recruiters who consistently jostle and challenge each other for the top spot. When you find yourself among this group each month, you can start considering yourself as one of the best in the office. Until you get to this stage, just focus on maintaining a steady stream of deals.

Respect the Process of Developing in Your Role

Many agencies will make it clear what KPIs and billings you need to step up to the next level. This isn’t all you need to be aware of. Before you start thinking about promotion, consider what’s required of your professional development first.

In the first 6 months of the job, you’ll learn the technical aspects of recruitment. Once you’ve got this down, the next year is all about learning the art of controlling the process, positively influencing candidates and clients, as well as reading situations effectively.

What’s Required to Take the Step Into Management?

Being top biller is often cited as the holy grail of recruitment, this isn’t necessarily the case. The top biller often isn’t the most valuable person in the office. Although there’s a positive side to the selfish nature of recruiters, this needs to be set to one side when you look to move into a management position.

You only become a successful manager by putting your self-interests aside and investing in the training and mentorship of junior staff. The best managers look beyond their own billings and take responsibility for the wider success of the company. This can include anything from contributing to new initiatives, motivating team members, offering insights and doing anything in your power to help the company thrive as a whole. As a manager, the business’ success is vital to your own personal success.

Your Network Will Be Your Biggest Asset

It takes time to establish yourself in the industry. Building a reputation and personal brand is a vital part of succeeding in the long term. It’s not all about banging in bills, it’s about building your network, fostering strong relationships with both candidates and clients. This all pays dividends when it comes to your industry profile and persuading contacts to work with you.

Obtaining referrals and recommendations in recruitment is like gold dust, if you can achieve this, you’re a huge asset to any company.

How Fast Can Your Career in Recruitment Genuinely Progress?

Your progression is down to how hard you work and what you bill. Realistically, here’s how you can expect to progress with good performance:

  • 0-6 Months: Trainee Recruiter / Resourcer
  • 6 Months – 1 Year: Recruitment Consultant
  • 1 Year – 18 Months: Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • 18 Months – 3 Years: Management Consultant
  • 4 – 5 Years: Associate Director
  • 5+ Years: Director

Not moving Fast Enough?

If you think that you’ve worked hard enough for a progression but haven’t been given the opportunities you deserve, there may be a bigger issue than your ego at play. An agency which doesn’t offer you a clear route to the top based on quantifiable targets is going to stunt your growth in the industry.

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