Why Recruitment is Like a Game of Rugby

As the Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan this month, we’re chomping at the bit to find out how the home nations are going to perform.

Now, we’ve got quite a few ex-rugger recruiters in the office and they can’t stop chewing our ears off about why recruitment is like a game of rugby. After thinking about it a bit, we can’t help but think they’ve got a point here.

So yeah, if you’re reading this Owen Farrell, hit us up.

Conviction & Courage

If you don’t have the courage to face a tackle without flinching, what are you even doing on the pitch? This is exactly what comes to mind when we speak to resourcers who aren’t confident picking up the phone when they start in recruitment.

It’s not just about courage though, it’s about conviction too.

If you run shoulder first into a tackle but pull out at the last minute, you’re going to get yourself hurt. If you’re scared or nervous about getting hurt, things are only going to go one way.

It’s the same in recruitment, if you’re nervous, anxious or scared, it’ll show and you won’t get anywhere.

You’ve got to stand tall and face your challenges square on.

Moving Off the Ball

Rugby isn’t just about picking up the ball and charging at the opposition line. Your movement off the ball is just as important as your movement with it.

You’ve got to get yourself into positions which will help your team, open up spaces among the opponent and defend against any turnover of possession.

The best recruiters aren’t just those who can close. The best are those who lay the groundwork and do the simple daily tasks even if they don’t lead directly to a deal.

The Chase

Being a good recruiter is like being a good flanker. Richie McCaw, the ex All Black captain was the king of flirting with the rules.

Knowing how hard to chase, for example, is an art form. Too much and you will be seen as a stalker and lose your target, not enough and a more persistent recruiter will take the glory.

Constant Conditioning

To be successful in rugby, you need to condition your body to its prime. Each and every day, you need to work to improve your body and game. The moment you take your foot off the gas is the moment you lose the ability to be an asset to the team.

The sheer physical nature of rugby means that your body must be in pristine condition. If a weakness or lack of strength in an area is highlighted, it’s up to you to get to the gym and work on that.

Recruitment is no different. You are never the finished article, never beyond improvement. If you think you’re above self-improvement, you’ll get left behind.

This is a fast moving industry, so you’ve got to be constantly evolving to have any opportunity to get ahead.

No one is going to hold your hand and tell you where you need to improve. This is a position of autonomy where you can manage your own progression and growth. Take responsibility for your failures and train yourself to be better.

Taking the Hits

The more you play rugby, the more hits you’ll take.

Getting knocked on your back has nothing to do with how talented you are, it’s a matter of how much you play.

The best in rugby know how to land safely when they fall and know how to pick themselves back up again.

This is what working in recruitment is really like. The bad months, let downs and real disappointments have no major correlation with your abilities, they’re just a part of the game.

Get yourself back to your feet and run harder into the next challenge… you might just come out on top.

The Winning Mentality

Above all else, the winning mentality is the defining factor between success or failure.

This isn’t only true in rugby and recruitment but all aspects of life.

If you’re the type of person who will claw their way through the mud, crash through a 130kg wall of flesh while still picking yourself back up to carry on, fearless of the opponent, injury or failure… you’ve got what it takes to be successful.

No matter what hits you, you must be ready. No matter how hard things get, you must focus on the prize. No matter how difficult success seems, it must be your only goal.

The winning mentality is something which can’t be taught, it can’t be acquired through choice. You must choose for yourself to put the work in and never give up.

Swing low, sweet chariot.

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