WIN A £200 Selfridges Voucher! The Best (& Worst) Candidate Excuses

Candidate failed to turn up? Dropped out last minute? We’ve all been there – more times than we can count.

But, sometimes, even when it’s frustrating – you have to laugh (it’s either that or cry).

The reason? Some of the best candidate excuses are comedy gold. So much so, we’ve rounded some up.

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To spark your memory, here are some of our best ones…

‘My dog died’

Rest in peace Pickles! Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

‘I was hit by a car’

Damn, this one’s a little extreme. Unfortunately, we all know it’s a big fat lie… don’t insult our intelligence.

‘I’ve got food poisoning’

This is the ultimate go-to sickie excuse, how do candidates not think we’d see through it? We’ve heard it all before and already know they’re going to let us down again if we even attempt to rearrange for another date.

‘There’s a family emergency’

A family emergency has to be the most popular excuse we’ve come across. It doesn’t work, it’s just too vague for us to take a candidate seriously. Find a legitimate reason and then come back to us.

‘My nan died’

What would poor granny think if she knew you were lying about her death? We just sigh when we hear this one, you’re not original with this excuse and it can feel pretty demoralising to hear this for the 5th time from candidate dropouts. The death rate for grandparents of candidates is so high that it’s verging on an epidemic.

‘My suit is in the dry cleaners’

Yes, you read that right… A candidate said he couldn’t go to a job interview because his suit was in the dry cleaners. It’s candidates like this that make recruiters lose all hope during a dry patch.

‘My train is cancelled, so I can’t get there’

There are always things out of our control. The issue is, candidates don’t seem to realise that we will do our best to help them get to an interview in this situation. Funnily enough, when hearing this excuse and researching alternative routes, the trains in question were running at a normal service… We’d prefer it if we were just told straight up that a candidate didn’t want the role.

‘It’s snowing where I am’

We all know that when it snows, half the country comes to a stop. Unfortunately, a quick Google of the weather forecast tells of clear skies.

‘I had a dodgy curry last night’

Rule of thumb: don’t have a vindaloo the night before a job interview. But, it seems to be a popular choice anyway (or so we’re told).

‘I’ve lost my voice’

We all get a croaky throat from time to time, but how often do we ever lose it completely, so much so that a candidate won’t answer our calls… we’re not buying it.

‘I’ve got kidney stones’

Who knew kidney stones were so common? Rates tend to spike as interview dates get closer.

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