Be the Best Recruiter, Think Like a Startup

Oh, so you want to be the best recruiter in the office? Fighting talk there! You’re already pretty decent, got a solid number of deals under your belt. But that’s not enough. If you want to be top biller, you’re going to have to adjust your approach. No one gets to top spot by sitting comfortably. It’s all about the mindset. If you can think like a startup then you’ve got a strong claim to the throne. Just don’t get ahead of yourself, we’re the ones who RULE.

Why a Startup Mindset?

Starting out in recruitment is tough. You walked in on day one to a fresh desk with no leads, no clients and no candidates. This isn’t far removed from the process of starting a business. Startups have no reputation, no relationships and no network. The ones that succeed take a highly proactive approach to building this web of contacts. Stop thinking solely about placing jobs, start thinking about your own business development.

The upside of working in recruitment is the commission. Let’s be honest, it’s what we all do it for. The amount you get paid massively depends on your own input. The difference between buying a new car or struggling for loose change is purely down to you. So start looking at your desk as your own business and earn some serious money.

The Best Recruiter is the Most Efficient

Startups aren’t polished. They don’t act with the precision of blue chip companies. Instead they enter the market quickly, cock up and then learn from their mistakes. A sense of urgency, getting things done first. That’s the competitive edge they thrive on.

Look around you for the best recruiter in your office. Not the mediocre ones, the very best. We bet they’re not faultless. They don’t use the scripts and they still make mistakes. This is because they don’t stop to ponder what’s best, they go with their gut and adapt if they’re wrong.

  • If the solution to a problem already exists, use it. Don’t personalise everything.
  • Tell your clients you’re mindful of time, they are too. It’s why you’re there.
  • React to situations, don’t waste time predicting the future.
  • Apologies are better than permissions.

Get Creative

Startups challenge conventions. If you have the audacity to go against the grain and try something new, you’ll be rewarded for it. Okay, so you might get it wrong occasionally but giving something a try won’t hurt. Experiment with a new hook, tell a joke, revamp your pitch. One of the biggest causes of dry months is a stale approach. Rework yours.

Don’t Lose the Human Touch

Startups are renowned for utilising tech to its full potential without losing the human touch. As a recruiter it’s important to use social media and email communication but you can’t solely rely on it. The best way to build lasting relationships is by picking up the phone or meeting face to face. After all people buy from people and the fresh, exciting approach that comes with a startup mindset is far more convincing in the flesh.

The Startup USP

One of the trickiest challenges facing startups is securing a unique selling point to leverage against the market. The truth is, you’re struggling with this problem yourself – even if you don’t know it yet. You’re competing in an incredibly crowded market against hundreds of other recruiters. You know your company’s USPs but what about you? What makes you different from the recruiters you share an office with? If you can nail the startup mindset and think like an entrepreneur, this could be a USP in itself.

Time for the Pep-Talk

So you’re going to be the best, that’s already settled. This is all about giving you what you need to get there. It’s now over to you to put this into action. If you can change the way you think about your day-to-day tasks, you’ll take the step up to top biller in no time. It all boils down to five key points; business development, efficiency, creativity, the human touch and your USP. Let this be the mantra of everything you do in recruitment. It’s not easy but nothing worth doing ever is.

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