5 Videos to Supercharge Your Sales Career

Sales advice is everywhere. A simple Google search of the term offers over a billion results, most of which come from cocky self-proclaimed entrepreneurs sitting by a pool telling you just how easy it is to achieve the life they lead.

On occasion, we do come across a video from someone who does actually know what they’re talking about. These videos offer advice and guidance which are directly relevant to the everyday recruiter and could ultimately supercharge your sales career.

Now, we’re not saying that watching every video here will immediately triple your commission payments each month. Instead, they offer some vital guidance on the day-to-day activities which could propel your career forward.

How to Be Nice Without Being a Pushover – Charisma on Command

This video shines a light on none other than James Corden. James Corden has an ability to create a dynamic with superstar celebrities without seemingly trying. This is the result of a unique presentation and rapport building style which demonstrates how nice he is as a person without making himself a pushover.

Any recruiter looking to improve their rapport building skills will want to take a leaf out of Corden’s book.

This magnetism demonstrated by James Corden is broken down in the video in a number of steps:

  • The direct compliment – taking a compliment from an impersonal formality to something unique to the person in question
  • Add a push-pull compliment – follow the compliment up with a joke if things become a little awkward
  • Know when to banter – don’t be a pushover over when speaking with someone who banters with you, know when and how to banter back
  • Set boundaries – if someone makes an antagonistic comment, ignore them at first and then retake control of the conversation at the earliest opportunity

How to Speak so that People Want to Listen – Julian Treasure Ted Talk

This Ted Talk plays on a simple idea. We don’t speak very well, to people who aren’t listening, in an environment of noise.

So, how can we speak so that people want to listen?

The first step from Julian Treasure is to stop committing the 7 deadly sins of speaking. This is most commonly found in any small talk or rapport building chatter with clients. It may feel like this brings you closer to a client or candidate, instead it adds an underlying air of uncertainty in your trustworthiness.

The speaker goes on to talk about the engine and toolbox of spoken conversation. Essentially, this concerns what you say and the way you say it. This has a huge impact on how your words are received.

We just want to warn you in advance, this video ends in a seriously cringe-worthy voice exercise. You might want to skip the last minute!

12 Psychology Tricks to Persuade Anyone – TopThink

This video should be taken with a pinch of salt… There is not a 12 step plan to get anyone to do what you want. In fact, following this video step by step could even make you look a little manipulative or undesirable.

What this video does offer however, is the psychology behind most people’s decision making process. There are a few loose recommendations to be aware of in this video to help you make a lasting impression with candidates and clients.

Here are the 12 psychological tricks mentioned in the video:

  • Social proof – demonstrating that others agree with your position
  • Anchoring – anchoring a conversation in a tone you’d like by giving the first piece of information (also very helpful with negotiations)
  • The deep voice – a deep voice in persuasion gives authority, respect and power
  • Manipulating the source – if your own logic does not have an impact, find a respected source who agrees with your point (or undermine the source of the counter argument’s point)
  • Appeal to sexuality – we’re going to pass this one over (it’s not going to work in a professional environment and we don’t recommend trying)
  • Brand yourself – personal branding is a hugely important aspect of persuasion (this will require a lot of relationship building to demonstrate fully)
  • Speak in simple language – complicated language doesn’t make you sound smart, it makes you sound boring. Be as clear and simple as possible
  • Use the extremes – present opinions as extremes e.g. the best or worst there is
  • Appeal to authority – support your argument by demonstrating that a figure with authority agrees with the same point as you
  • The power of repetition – repetition works… it makes things feel more plausible and will resonate with a person more than a single comment or statement
  • General acceptance – appeal to the norms of society at a specific time by demonstrating that your position is the most commonly accepted
  • Create urgency – give people deadlines, ensure that those you’re talking to must act proactively to achieve something they desire

Do You Love Your Wife? – Simon Sinek

This isn’t a video which offers advice or guidance which you can take into work tomorrow, use and measure immediate success.

In fact, that’s the very point of this video.

This is a video for anyone who wants to push forwards into management but also anyone who finds themselves struggling in the day-to-day grind of their role.

Simon Sinek asks the interviewer whether he loves his wife. Without hesitating the interviewer replies yes, but when asked to prove it is incapable of offering an answer. This, Simon explains, is because there is no metric for love.

He compares this to going to the gym. He cites that anyone working out for two hours a day won’t see any immediate benefits when they arrive home and look in the mirror. He argues that change isn’t something which happens overnight, but is instead a gradual process which must be maintained each day. If you consistently work towards a goal, eventually you’ll see a huge difference.

This video is a vital watch for any recruiters who struggle with motivation or resilience. You won’t see an immediate gratification for your hard work. You need to turn up each day, get all of the little things right and eventually you’ll find yourself back to winning ways.

It takes a lot of hard work with very little short-term rewards, but you will be crafting a career for yourself.

An FBI Negotiator’s Secret to Winning Any Exchange | Inc

This video has to be our all-time favourite for anyone in sales. Here, we hear from one of the FBI’s chief hostage negotiators and how he guarantees you’ll win any exchange with his tips.

The brain works 31% better in a positive frame of mind. Take a moment to consider that. You are literally 31% smarter when you’re positive, and 31% more likely to come up with a better answer when faced with a tricky question. That’s no insignificant number!

Christopher Voss explains that kidnapping appears like it’s a cruel crime to a lot of us. If you have this mindset, you’ll never be able to negotiate with kidnappers. He explains that kidnapping is just a business, it’s a commodity to criminals. Once you understand the business of the person you’re speaking to and enter the process with a positive frame of mind, you’re much more likely to succeed.

When you speak to someone new, they ask themselves the same question: ‘how are you going to help me?’ On average, you have between 3 – 10 seconds to before they hang up.

Immediately, your first impression will be to list your CV, experience and company’s USPs. The response to this is usually a yawn. Voss tells us that we shouldn’t list a CV, shouldn’t explain our strategy and shouldn’t say how we’ll add value.

Instead, we should show the person in less than 10 seconds that we see what they’re looking at and offer a small amount of insight in the dynamic. Essentially, we need to demonstrate that we see what the other person sees – without simply saying ‘I understand’.

Voss also offers some insights into the bad habits which are hurting your negotiations and gives some recommendations for your next sales call.

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