The Recruitment Quiz: Have I Still Got What It Takes to Succeed?

Recruitment’s a funny industry in many ways. It’s one of the best and quickest ways to progress and climb the corporate ladder (without kissing anyone’s arse). Yet it’s also a line of work where you can go stale if you don’t keep making a conscious effort to move forward.

Now, no one wants to be seen as the stagnating senior recruiter sat in the corner shouting about last year’s billings while they’re being usurped by more fresh talent each month.

If you’re starting to get the fear, it’s okay, there’s still time to recover from your dry run. Take our quiz and find out for yourself whether you’ve still got what it takes to succeed.

Instructions (A.K.A. the boring bit)

For every question we ask below, we’ll offer multiple answers. Each answer will have a numerical score next to it. Add your score up and we’ll give you the lowdown on how you performed at the bottom, as well as a few tips on how to move forward.

Make sure you answer honestly, just make sure your boss isn’t looking over your shoulder while you play!

1. When was the last time you placed a candidate in a ‘difficult to fill’ position?

A) In the last month, smashing it mate! (4)
B) Meh, it’s been a while but just because the opportunity isn’t there (3)
C) I only really go for the sure fire wins (2)
D) Longer than I’d feel comfortable admitting (1)

2. How often do candidates/clients approach you directly when they need a recruiter?

A) All the time, I’m hot property in the industry (4)
B) I’ve had a few occasionally pop up from time to time (3)
C) It’s happened once or twice but not recently (2)
D) I didn’t even know that was a thing? (1)

3. Do you celebrate the success of less experienced recruiters?

A) All the time, it’s good to see the fresh meat doing well (4)
B) Usually, but I do get a bit jealous when other recruiters are doing better than me (3)
C) To be fair, I am turning into quite a grump lately (2)
D) I’m furious, they’re stealing my thunder!!! (1)

4. When was the last time you got a promotion?

A) In the last few months actually, not doing too badly for myself (4)
B) It’s been a while but I’ve got one coming up soon if I do well (3)
C) For like forever! No one’s even talking about my next promotion either (2)
D) Promotion? What’s that? (1)

5. How are you performing with your everyday KPIs?

A) Hit them all the time without really thinking about it (4)
B) Not always 100% on target but my billings are where they need to be (3)
C) I miss them from time to time but it’s no biggie (2)
D) No comment (1)

6. What are your billings like?

A) Top of the class, what else do you expect? (4)
B) Not always the best, but consistently good (3)
C) They fluctuate – some months I smash it, some months I dry up (2)
D) I’m worried RULE, I haven’t made a deal in months (1)

7. How’s your relationship with your boss?

A) Great, I’m basically a glorified teacher’s pet (4)
B) Not bad, it’s solely professional but positive (3)
C) They do wind me up a bit to be honest (2)
D) I hate them! (1)

8. Are you bored at work?

A) I’m too busy to be bored (4)
B) I guess I could do with a little more adrenaline in my recruiting (3)
C) So. Bloody. Bored. (2)
D) Zzzzzz (1)

9. When was the last time you learnt something new?

A) Everyday’s an education, never stop learning (4)
B) Same as the above but with a little less cheese and enthusiasm (3)
C) It’s been a while to be honest (2)
D) I’m beyond that, I finished my training a long time ago (1)

10. How motivated are you to succeed?

A) So motivated that it’s actually annoying to those around me (4)
B) I can get myself fired up when I need to (3)
C) Meh, I want to do well but don’t exactly have a spring in my step (2)
D) At this stage, I’ll take it or leave it (1)

How did you score?

So now it’s the important part. How did you score on the quiz?

(31-40) You’re smashing it and you know it!

For real though, why are you even taking this quiz? You know you’re doing well in your job and just wanted to flaunt that a bit. Carry on as you were.

(21-30) With a bit of work you’ll get there

You’re falling behind a little but that can be forgiven. Pick yourself up and get back to winning ways again, you’re certainly capable of it.

(11-20) You’re losing it, up your game ASAP

It’s official, you’re losing your touch and need to up your game ASAP. Depending on how severe this is, with some hard work and dedication you might be able to claw your way back.

(<10) What are you even doing?

Is this for real? How you’ve managed to keep your job this long is impressive to say the least. We’d probably start considering a career change if we were you.

It might not be your fault

With everything above being said, a low score might not actually be your fault. If you can’t objectively see a reason why your performance is faltering despite scoring low, you could be finding yourself stuck in an agency that’s stunting your progression.

If you think this is the case, reach out to us for a confidential chat about your experience, your working environment and where you’d like to take your career. We will help guide you onto your next position in recruitment. Submit your CV below and we’ll be in touch, alternatively have a browse of our job board to get a feel for the type of vacancies we currently have on offer.

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