Want to Progress? It’s Time to Change Your Mindset

No one achieved much by standing still. When you first start working in recruitment, you’re tied to a specific way of thinking. Smashing the deals in, bagging that commission and taking a selfish approach to your own earnings.

If you want to progress and work your way into management, you’re going to need to change your mindset.

This isn’t a weakness… yet. Here’s why you need to start thinking like a manager.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Let’s talk science for a minute. Psychology has defined two distinctly different mindsets – fixed and growth.

The latter believes that intelligence can be developed, largely through hardwork and dedication. Failure is seen as a positive – a chance to grow rather than a knockback.

For the former, it’s the opposite story. They believe ‘they are as they are’ and talent is the source of success.

If you’re finding yourself swaying into a fixed mindset, it’s time to make that shift and start seeing the bigger picture. You weren’t born as a good salesperson and management certainly isn’t a talent bestowed upon only a select few.

Start looking at your weaknesses as opportunities for growth.

Allows You to Step Up

When does ‘dog eat dog’ stop applying to you?

Particularly in the early days of your recruitment career, a selfish drive for sales is part of the package. Some seem keen to step on others just to build themselves up, others only care about focussing on their work. Either way, your wins are yours – and yours alone.

But, things don’t have to stay this way.

When you step up to be a manager the success of others is your success. You become less of a lone wolf and more of a team player. After all, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Not only this but you’ll get commission from your team’s sales – so yours matter less.

Aim to take strides – not baby steps. A change of outlook is key to helping you make headway – and a sign of progression. The two go hand in hand.

Helps You Learn from Your Losses

A life lesson worth remembering? Don’t be afraid of tripping up. No one said the road to success would be smooth sailing.

If you don’t fail along the way, how can you progress? Cue the cliché, but we learn from our mistakes.

Nowhere has this been truer than in your career.

So, you made a bad sales call. Next time, you’ll know what tactics don’t work.

If you think there’s a recruiter out there who hasn’t lost a deal, said the wrong thing or dropped the ball on something major – you’re wrong. The difference is between those who get knocked down, and those who get back up again.

When you manage a team, you can’t be seen as allowing the disappointments of the role get to you. Bad days need to be taken on the chin and you should appear as entirely unshakeable by the difficulties of the job.

Pushes You to Strive for More

‘Stuck in the same place’, ‘stuck in a rut’ – we’ve all heard the phrases a million times before.

The fact is, a change of mindset helps you strive for what you deserve. Who wants to settle just because they’re comfortable?

Those with a fixed mindset have the tendency to plateau and stagnate. Meanwhile, those with the growth mindset typically hit much higher levels of achievement.

Without changing your outlook on who you are and where you want to be, it’s likely you’ll never reach your full potential.

What’s Life Without a Challenge?

Do you see challenges as a hindrance? Or, are they a chance to embrace change and learn something new? If you’re in the first camp, you run the risk of going nowhere fast.

The moment you stop being challenged in your career should send alarm bells ringing. Because, when this happens, where are you going? What are you learning?

Living an easy life might sound appealing on paper, but chances are you’d get bored quickly. This is the defining difference between a job and a career.

Helps You Understand Your Flaws

No matter how many billings you smash and deals you close, none of us are perfect.

But, no one’s saying that’s a bad thing.

The problem comes if you refuse to accept your flaws and listen to feedback. Instead, try changing how you look at things. See criticism as an opportunity to do something different next time. View flaws as a sign that you’re ‘not there – yet’.

Lets You Celebrate the Wins

Being happy for your success and celebrating your wins is a good thing – don’t shy away from it.

While it’s good to always be hungry for more, that shouldn’t stop you from taking a pause and looking at how far you’ve come.

Being proud of your achievements and accomplishments isn’t something to avoid. Always be ready to move to the next goal, but don’t forget to look back.

More importantly than this though, take the time to celebrate the wins of others. This isn’t a competition, it’s a team. Surround yourself by successful people and be happy for them when they’re winning!

Worried You’ve Stopped Progressing?

Sometimes – a change of mindset isn’t enough.

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