Recruitment is Evolving

Recruitment is a hard core, direct sales role and you can never get away from that. Sales will always have targets, rejection, cold calling and challenges. Recruitment has often been associated, with long hours, aggressive management styles, KPI’s for everything and the general treating of staff as phone bashing monkeys! Despite all this, recruitment is evolving.

Challenging the Conventions

Today there are plenty of firms who are challenging the traditional methods of recruitment. We are meeting more and more clients who are trying to change the cultures they create for their staff, clients and candidates. With so many recruitment firms competing, it’s important that firms are trying to set themselves apart from their competition. Many would agree that long gone are the days where bolshie aggressive recruiters are successful. Today, clients value recruiters who take their time to understand their markets, where they can act as advisories and see value in building relationships rather than trying to make a quick buck.

Evolving to Be More Consultative

With this change comes the new wave of recruitment firms that want to approach things differently. They still cold call, there are still targets and being sales, there is still plenty of rejection. However, they are looking to employ more consultative individuals who want to be experts in their market, who see the value of attending seminars or networking events. They are trying to be advisory figures within their markets and really understand what their clients and candidates are all about.

A Digital Approach

In fact many of my clients now resemble a digital company with ‘Googleesque’ office, dress down cultures and are creating TV channels to spread their message. Consultants are encouraged to get out of the office and be networking rather than worry they have not attained their daily call time. It really does seem as though the industry is evolving and even large more traditional agencies are starting to follow suit. I think that the change is good and people who may have been put off recruitment in days gone by will now be starting to look at the industry in a different light.

Whether you are a senior recruiter looking to move away from the dark ages of recruitment and work in a more consultative and mature, autonomous environment or a graduate looking for their first role in recruitment, we can help advise what the market is doing. Take a browse through our latest vacancies and get in touch today.

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