10 Commandments of the Recruitment Office

And thus it was, Moses (the new perm consultant from Norwich) stood upon the mountain of steel. With faith in his heart and a slightly inebriated slur of the lips he declared: “I have spoken with the recruitment gods and they have a message for my brothers and sisters. Here are the 10 commandments of the recruitment office”.

Thou Shall Not Steal a Colleague’s Candidate

You wouldn’t steal a colleague’s wallet. So don’t steal their candidate, it’s a dick move. Don’t be that guy. Quality candidates don’t just grow on trees, it takes time to build those relationships and line them up for the perfect role.

Thou Shall Not Bet on Which Trainee Will Drop Out First

Watching the cocky trainees fall short can be a fun office pastime. Despite this, we draw the line at placing bets on the poor new recruits. What chance do they have when you’re all betting against them? Besides, the one who shouts loudest always falls first.

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Thou Shall Not Cry at the Office Banter

Aww poor you… we didn’t know you were so sensitive about your big ears. You’re in the wrong career! If you can’t take a bit of banter, why are your working in sales? You need to be able to take it on the chin to work here.

Thou Shall Not ‘Massage’ a Candidate’s Employment History

It’s called lying… don’t do it! You’re giving recruiters a bad name.

Thou Shall Not Call Your Mum to Make Up the Call Time Targets

Hitting call times can be difficult. Don’t call your mum though! Do you really think we wouldn’t notice? If you want a disciplinary, this is how to go about it.

Thou Shall Not Go Home with a Candidate

We know it feels like love when you find the dream candidate, but don’t actually go home with them. That’s not what we meant when we said seal the deal!

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Thou Shall Not Check WhatsApp Every 10 Minutes for Blue Ticks

Recruiting by WhatsApp is completely acceptable these days. Don’t sit on your phone waiting for your messages to be read. On to the next one!

Thou Shall Not Get Paralytic at Client Drinks

Nothing says professionalism like throwing up on a client’s shoes. Client drinks may be an excuse to break out the company credit card but show a little decorum and put the Jaeger Bombs down.

Thou Shall Not Try to Negotiate a Promotion During Company Lunch Club

So, you hit your monthly targets. Well done, enjoy a posh meal and drinks on us. Don’t join your boss in the smoking area and drunkenly try to bag a promotion. We’re proud of you doing well but we’re not talking about your salary here – no matter how charming you think you are.

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Thou Shall Not Forget That Tomorrow is a New Day

No matter how tough or difficult your day is, tomorrow is a fresh start with new opportunities. Who knows what could happen?

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