What it’s Like to Date a Recruiter

On paper, recruiters seem like the perfect date. Masters in the art of conversation and trained to actually listen. There’s certainly no awkward silences here. But what’s it like from the other side? Does the gift of the gab ever get annoying? Is objection handling always a good thing? Here’s what it’s like to date a recruiter as told from the candidates dates themselves.

An Appetite for Fine Dining

The Dilemma:

So, my girlfriend started a grad scheme in recruitment about a year ago. She loves it and by the sounds of it, she’s smashing it.

The problem is, she’s being rewarded by free visits to swanky Michelin Star restaurants and now she’s developed a taste for fine dining.

I’m the sort of guy who’s happy with a Big Mac and side of fries but oh no, those days are long gone. I can barely handle the intricate workings of the cutlery arrangements, let alone the lobster bisque

To me, Dominos is pushing the boat out but last week she paid £300 for a three course meal. That’s more than I pay for rent! What’s worse, I’ve promised to take her out for Valentine’s Day… I might have to sell my car to cover the cost. Someone help!

Richard, 22

Too Many Questions

The Dilemma:

My boyfriend has been a recruiter for as long as we’ve been together, so maybe I should have prepared for this.

But, my relationship is starting to feel like a Paxman interview. What’s with the constant stream of probing, open-ended questions? I’m not one of his candidates!

It’s happening all the time. The other day, I was just trying to explain that I’d had a long day and wasn’t hungry. All of a sudden, I’m facing the Spanish Inquisition!

Every time I have a problem or issue with something, I’m subjected to a barrage of questions asking why I feel this way and what can be done to change my mind. Sometimes I just want to rant without being given the third degree. Not everyone’s a candidate trying to back out of a job interview!!!

Adam, 33

Always in the Pub

The Dilemma:

Recruiters are social people, we all know that. I used to work in recruitment myself, so I’m no stranger to the regular trips to the pub after stressful days.

But, it seems my girlfriend has taken this to the extreme. Our evenings in are constantly being swapped for impromptu trips to the bar. I don’t mind the stumbling home late at night, the lack of Berocca in the house or the regular trips to McDonald’s Drive-Thru for breakfast. It’s just my body can’t keep up with the lifestyle.

I don’t understand it, it’s as if she’s made of steel – she’s impenetrable to hangovers. Mine’s always a wreck. I feel like I should be worrying about her liver but the truth is, I think mine will be the first to fall!

Eric, 26

Always in the pub - what it's like to date a recruiter

The Paranoia is Too Much!

The Dilemma:

I feel like my girlfriend’s job in recruitment has taken a toll on her. She’s been messed around by candidates on countless occasions. I always keep a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer ready for the next candidate drop-out.

The problem is, it’s made her paranoid. It sounds ridiculous but it’s so true. If I bail on plans because I’m feeling ill, she’s asking me if I’m seeing anyone else. I think she’s scarred by the memories of candidates snapped up by other recruiters. But, I’m not a candidate!

I feel like I need to constantly reassure her that she’s the only recruiter I need, is there an exclusivity contract I can sign or something?

Sam, 28

My Girlfriend is Too Polite

The Dilemma:

Okay, so this is going to sound bizarre. I guess most people would love their partners not to argue or get annoyed… but this has gone too far.

My girlfriend is too polite. Not just to me, but to everyone. If a friend bails last minute or someone messes her about, she doesn’t bat an eyelid. She just sucks it up and does something else.

I don’t know if it’s the years of cold calling, the constant rejection or just her ability to ‘get on with it’. It’s impossible to do any right when someone’s always nice. Not only this, but she got an uncanny ability of making things go her way without having to argue. While impressive, it’s pretty infuriating.

Simon, 28


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