The Recruitment Bucket List

Recruiters are some of the most ambitious people around. We always want more. We’re continually looking for the next adventure. With our huge earning potential, these goals are actually pretty reachable. So, what do you want to achieve? This week, we’re bringing you the recruitment bucket list to offer a little inspiration. Here’s what all recruiters should do before they die.

For the Thrill Seekers

If you’re a thrill seeker in need of the next rush, here’s some bucket list inspiration for you:

Skydive Over Dubai’s Palm Jurmeirah

Is there any better view to see from the air? The artificial archipelago jutting out from the city’s urban marina is a truly mind-blowing place to skydive.

Cage Diving with Sharks in Cape Town

Do you have the courage to go face-to-face with a monster?

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Husky Sledding in Tremblant

One of the most exhilarating journeys you’ll ever take.

Canoeing the L’Ardeche Gorge

Visit in Spring where the waters are fast moving and challenging. Running for about 40 kilometres the gorge is a place of true natural beauty made even better by the thrilling river.

Snowmobiling Across Iceland’s Langjokull Glacier

Get the adrenaline pumping by exploring Iceland’s second largest glacier on powerful snowmobiles.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Put yourself to the ultimate test and conquer Africa’s highest peak.

Run with Bulls at Pamplona

Every year, residents descend on the Spanish town of Pamplona to race through the streets chased by angry bulls. If you’re up to the challenge, it’s got to be on your bucket list!

Base Jump From The Troll Wall in Norway

Standing at 3,600ft high The Troll Wall in Norway is Europe’s tallest vertical rock. It’s a site of spectacular scenery but also a firm favourite of base jumping enthusiasts across the world.

Surf the Ship Stern Bluff

Ship Stern Bluff in Tasmania is so remote you can only get there by boat or wilderness trek. The smaller waves begin around two metres while the larger can be higher than six. It’s regarded as one of the most dangerous and exhilarating places to surf, can you handle it? Just be sure to look out for the Great White Sharks circling below.

Ride the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

Think you can handle a roller coaster? Guess again! Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the world’s faster roller coaster reaching speeds of 240 kilometres per hour.

For the Sport Fanatics

Whether you’re participating or spectating, here’s some experiences you need in your life:

Run the Marathon des Sables

The stuff of legends! Can you handle the toughest footrace on Earth? The marathon is a six day 251km race held every year in the Sahara Desert. You must carry all your own supplies and equipment on your back during the race. Even water is rationed, if you exceed the ration you suffer a time penalty.

Watch the Knicks Play the Lakers at Madison Square Gardens

A true rivalry where East meets West in the US capital. There’s certainly no better place to see an NBA game than the hallowed ground of Madison Square Gardens.

Watch Your Country Win the World Cup Final

Okay, so this may not be possible but we can always dream.

Watch El Clásico at Camp Nou

Watching two of the greatest teams in the world square off in the largest football stadium in Europe. It’s on the bucket list of any football fan.

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Drive A Lap of Silverstone

This is actually pretty easy to achieve. Silverstone regularly offers stunt driving experiences where you can tear it up in a Ferrari or Aston Martin on the famous tarmac.

Witness Conor McGregor Face Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas

If you’re doing this one, you better book your tickets fast! Only a few months until one of the most outrageous fights of our lifetime.

For the Travellers

Caught the travel bug? There are some places you absolutely can’t miss! Here are our top picks:

Watch the Aurora Borealis

The greatest light show on earth, a bucket list isn’t complete without a trip to the Northern Lights.


Route 66 Road Trip

A trip across America’s most iconic highway (between LA and Chicago) is one of the best ways to see the US. From classic motels to old school diners, city pit stops to outrageous roadside attractions.

Visit the Galápagos Islands

This is one for the wildlife lovers. The Galápagos Islands are a place left relatively untouched by the outside world. A visit here will leave you face-to-face with some of world’s most intriguing animals.

Travel the Amazon

With 4,400 miles of river, untouched forests and intriguing native tribes, there’s nowhere on earth quite like the Amazon. Grab your backpack, hire a guide and head into one of the most challenging environments known to man.


Watch the Serengeti’s Great Migration

When rain forces 1.5 million wildebeest and 200,000 zebras to travel 150,000 square miles of woodland, hills and open plains, you know you’re in for a show. Countless other animals join the journey, including both predators and prey. Everywhere you look, you’ll find exotic creatures.

For the Party Animal

If you’re a party animal, there’s some unmissable events to be a part of:

Party with the Celebs in The Hamptons for Memorial Day

The Hamptons is a renowned home and holiday spot for celebs. When it comes to Memorial Day celebrations, this is the place to be. Rub shoulders with some of your favourite movie stars and musicians while living the highlife in the Long Island sun!

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Labelled as the ‘Greatest Free Show on Earth’ the New Orleans Mardi Gras is a must-visit celebration for anyone looking to party!


Dance the Weekend Away at Coachella

Coachella is one of the most glamorous and famous music festivals in the world. It attracts some of the biggest names in music and is set in a beautiful Californian valley. What more do you want from life?

Learn How to Make a Caipirinha on Ipanema Beach

There’s no better setting to learn how to make the perfect cocktail than on the exquisite Ipanema Beach!

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