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The transfer window is in full swing and the recruitment transfer gossip column is here to keep you up-to-date with the latest whispers of recruiter comings and goings. Who will be the next big transfer? Will the Liverpool office replace their Brazilian top biller? Does the North London agency have any hope of a successful 2018 with their current team? We have the answers!

Brazilian Magician Makes ‘Dream’ Move to Barcelona Agency

It’s finally happened! Spain’s top recruitment agency have their man. In an eye-watering move rumoured for months, Liverpool’s Brazilian magician cites the transfer as a ‘dream come true’.

In an emotional 3am Instagram post following his leaving do, the top biller thanked the team, management and of course his adoring fans for their support.

The question must be asked, how does the Liverpool office bounce back from such a dramatic loss? The eccentric German MD of the agency is said to be happy with his recent Egyptian hire who has clearly settled into the team well. Though, we’ve heard news that a new hire could come from agencies based in Leicester, North London or even as far as Monaco.

North London Agency on the Brink of Chaos with Imminent Departure of Senior Staff

It’s a sad time to be working for the Arsenal agency. Not only are they falling behind to close rivals Tottenham, but they’re soon to be hit by the departure of their best recruiters.

After a number of lacklustre months, the senior staff are considering a move to rival agencies in Manchester or Chelsea. Close sources to the recruiters claim they’re unsettled in an environment which cares more about selfies than KPIs.

Members of the Arsenal office have expressed their concern about letting their top biller sign for a rival agency, but we’ve found no evidence to suggest Burnley are in for such a deal.

The sales floor has allegedly lost confidence in their ageing French MD who cares more about balancing the books than hiring quality talent. Is it time for this stagnating agency to finally get the wake-up call they need? Will the board finally begin to prioritise quality hires over profit margins?

Alexis Sanchez unhappy at Arsenal

Shock Manchester / North London Switch Looks Likely!

In a shock turn of events, it’s been reported that a major player in Manchester is offering the Arsenal agency a potential lifeline in their pursuit of a successful 2018.

The Manchester agency has offered a shock recruiter exchange. They are attempting to take the unsettled Arsenal top biller in exchange for one of their own recruiters.

Everyone seems keen on this offer, except of course the Manchester recruiter who is said to be very upset with talk of a move to Arsenal. Close sources claim he’s gone home, locked the door and is refusing to take calls.



Everton Recruiter Makes Bargain West London Deal

A once favoured Everton recruiter has been cherry picked by the West London agency for what might be the bargain deal of the transfer window.

The recruiter in question has put in a number of recent poor performances and is renowned for having a few too many sick days. Though, this could be a move which kick-starts his career. The Chelsea agency is certainly a huge step up and it’s clear this will be a sink or swim opportunity for the lad.

Are the Liverpool Agency Desperately Overpaying for Talent?

In a month when the Liverpool agency have lost their highest earning employee, they’ve also offered a number of exceptionally attractive contracts to lure new hires. Some are criticising the agency of overpaying average talent, while others think the moves are totally justified in such a competitive market.

This debate comes after the high-profile signing of yet another Southampton recruiter. The Liverpool agency and south coast office have enjoyed had a strong working relationship for many years, with talent often doing work experience in Southampton before heading to Merseyside. Though, the recent hire has put a strain on this relationship.

Does the Liverpool agency’s hire stink of desperation, or is it an inspired choice to sure up their KPI heavy environment?

Chelsea Agency’s MD Linked with Early Summer Exit

The Chelsea Agency’s MD is said to be at loggerheads with the board over recent budget allocations and talent hiring.

After a successful season, Chelsea’s Managing Director was unhappy with losing out on top talent to rival agencies. This has become even more prevalent during the current window as the agency are attracting talent well-below their usual standards.

Since, the erratic manager has turned on various under-performing members of staff and even other bosses. His recent verbal jostling with a Manchester agency’s MD has put him in a highly undesirable position and this transfer window is offering very little in good news for the team.

Is a summer exit on the cards for this manager?

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