How to Plan for Recruiting Over the Christmas Period

As many businesses step up a gear in the approach to Christmas, recruitment seems to go the opposite way. Realistically, most companies cease hiring in November and won’t focus on new talent until January. Candidates also seem more tentative about looking for a role in December. So, where does that leave us? Here’s how to plan for recruiting over the Christmas period.

Focus on Your Pipeline

Don’t let December become a missed opportunity. Now’s your chance to proactively work towards a productive new year. You may not make any deals in December, but you can use your free time to build a strong pipeline to take into 2019.

Talk to clients, take time to understand their situation. What are their needs? Have they got any gaps which need filling? Some companies will have vacancies to fill which aren’t yet signed off. If you have a good relationship with any hiring managers, you could take a preliminary spec and start qualifying candidates before the vacancy even goes live.

This works the same for candidates. Some people want a new job but won’t take the dive so close to Christmas. If you get an idea of what they’re looking for now, you’ll be able to push things through far quicker in January.

Reach Out to Old Contacts

Use Christmas as an opportunity to reach out to old contacts in your database. Phone up candidates you’ve already placed, see how they’re getting on. Speak to old clients, even those you were unsuccessful with. Wishing old contacts a Merry Christmas is the perfect way of building rapport before getting down to business. Taking a softer approach is highly recommended at this time of year.

Get the Drinks in

Everyone loves using Christmas as an opportunity to get the drinks in. You should be no excuse. Grab the company credit card (if they’ll let you have it) and take your clients out for a few drinks. It’s great for business development, relationship building and solidifying your position as the go-to recruiter for the next year.


Be a Problem Solver

December is a highly unpredictable month. Some companies will hit panic stations and need additional help at the drop of a hat. Position yourself as a problem solver. If you can find talent with speed and ease when a company needs it the most, they won’t forget it.

If you’re working in contract recruitment, be especially vigilant at this. You’ll likely be far busier than those working in perm.

Get on Top of Admin

So, you’ve built your pipeline? You’ve taken clients for drinks and now you’re sat with very little to do. Get on top of your admin work. It might be boring, but you’ll benefit from it next month. Do the little jobs which you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Don’t Let Your KPIs Drop

A lot of recruiters will lose focus of KPIs in December. A quiet month for everyone is a convenient excuse. But don’t forget, your targets are still there. If you keep your KPIs on track during December, you’ll catch the eye of management and might even secure a surprise deal or two. Keep hitting call times and you might find that December isn’t as quiet as you initially thought.

We’re Still Recruiting in December

If you’re not enjoying life in your agency over the Christmas period, we can help. We’re still recruiting in December and have a number of attractive positions which would suit high-quality candidates. Get in touch to have a confidential conversation about what you want from your next position. Alternatively, have a browse of our job board for our latest vacancies.

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