The Who, What, Why, How, When and Where of Jobsearch

Finding yourself at a career cross-roads? Need a little help? The who, what, why, how, when and where of jobsearch will help!


2015 Graduate- don’t have a clue what to do when you finish?

You are about to finish 3 years of having fun, getting drunk and trying to gain a qualification along the way and you now have a pretty big decision to make.


What the hell am I going to do? For those who have had their careers planned out since birth, great. This jobsearch is a pretty big deal to the rest of us. Have you ever thought to yourself, rather than what should I do, what do I want to get from a career?

If the answer is to earn good money, be in control of your career progression and work with like-minded individuals who still try to keep the Uni flame burning by hitting the pub hard on a Thursday night, recruitment could be the answer.


Most people do not know that recruitment consultants recruit for jobs other than your last summer temp job. However, there is another recruitment world where recruiters work in specialist markets from Banking to Finance, from Technology to Life Sciences- recruitment is big business. Yes, there are lots of tin pot recruiters out there but there are also some pretty amazing ones that can offer a very good career. Earnings can be high with good recruiters able to earn 6 figure salaries within 3 years and reach director within 5. The job is tough, really tough, but if you want to earn that kind of money you will need to work pretty hard in whatever job you chose- except football, I don’t think they do much for their cash!

As well as money and climbing the corporate ladder, recruitment can offer a young, dynamic and very sociable environment. You will be rewarded with all manner of incentives from 5* jollies to Vegas or Miami, posh lunches where starters will cost more than your current weekly budget and at some companies cars which in the past have been Porsche Boxsters and DB9’s! I should point out that it’s not all Wolf of Wall Street. Many recruitment firms are very professional and would have graduate schemes more in line with something you would expect at PWC or Shell.


How do I get into recruitment or simply find out more? Well simple, apply to some firms and see who comes back to you- there are plenty looking. Alternatively, give RULE Recruitment a call. We recruit people into recruitment- no I am not drunk, there are actually companies that specialise in placing people like you into the world’s best recruitment firms.


All over the UK but predominately London. The benefit of using RULE for your jobsearch is we’ll identify which firms are most suited to you, get your CV to the front of the queue and then help you prepare for the interviews and it costs you nothing. With over a decade’s experience and having placed 100’s of graduates into recruitment, we are a good place to start your search.


So when should you apply? Well, we have already placed a number of 2015 Uni leavers for summer starts, so the answer is simple, get your CV to us now and we can move as quickly or slowly as you like. To find out more about a career in recruitment as well as how we can help, get in touch for an informal chat. Browse our job board and check out our latest vacancies now.

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