The Grad’s Guide: Stepping from University to Recruitment

So, you’re standing on the precipice of the rest of your life. It’s a little scary, isn’t it?

No matter how strong-willed you were about your future career when you started uni, it’s now a fast-approaching decision which can’t be taken lightly. The end of your time at university is already stressful enough with exams, deadlines and the impending hysteria of results day. The added pressure of rushing to find a job can become seriously overwhelming. If you’re considering taking the step from university to recruitment, we’re here to explain what you can expect.

It’s Not Going to Be Seamless

Irrelevant of whether you’ve worked before, this is likely to be your first real job. It’s probably not going to be a completely seamless transition.

You’ve spent three (or more) years as your own boss, working when you want, partying when you want and not setting the alarm every morning. Even the most ambitious grads will encounter obstacles of some sort when they first start working.

These obstacles can come in many forms and affect you in different ways. The most common pain points can include early mornings, late nights, lack of social time, losing friendships, making new friendships or even the general daily grind.

Stick at it, this feeling won’t last long. Before you know it, you’ll be in the full swing of things. The first pay day tends to be the turning point for most.

You’ll encounter this in whatever job you choose, but recruitment can do a lot to alleviate your troubles.

Graduate unsure about future after university

You’re Not in This Alone

When you work in recruitment, you won’t have to tackle these difficulties alone. Many agencies (depending on size) take on numerous grads at the same time. This means you’re all in the same boat and will have people you can relate to from day one. Often, the colleagues you start your new job with will become some of your closest work friends.

Beyond this, the best agencies offer exceptional training programmes. Agencies invest in your development and learning, they understand that you’re not going to be the best recruiter from day one. These courses go the extra mile to explain how you can surpass your own perceived potential, setting you up for success and future progression.

Clearly Defined Progression Opportunities

While we’re on the topic of progression, let’s address one of the most influential reasons for choosing a career in recruitment.

If you’re considering working in recruitment, you’ve probably got the potential to work for a number of high earning corporate jobs too. These are attractive to many and we can understand why, but there’s an underlying problem.

In much of the corporate world, you’ve got to kiss a lot of arses to get a promotion. You only progress when someone above you gives you the nod.

In recruitment, this isn’t the case…

You’ve got to travel pretty far to find another industry where you can climb the ladder as quickly as you can here. From day one, you’ll have clear direction on what targets, billings and figures you need to hit. Once you’ve ticked those boxes, you’re promoted. Then you repeat the process all over again.

Some agencies even give you a clear path all the way to director level, with relevant targets to meet to get there.

If you like to be in charge of your own success, this is the place to be.

Let’s Talk Money

So, there may be a number of key factors which impact the job you choose. But let’s be honest, money is almost always leading the pack.

If you’re motivated by the amount of money that hits your bank account on pay day, this is the ideal career for you. There are few other jobs out there which reward you financially in the way recruitment does.

The more successful you are, the more you get paid. The best agencies offer a commission structure which ensures recruiters earn a third of what they bill. Put simply, bill £100k in a year and you’ve more than doubled your take home. Who could argue with that?

Want a clear structured route to earn a £100k in recruitment? We’ve got it covered!

Global Brands, Client Meetings & Audaciously Fancy Offices

Many talk about the recruitment lifestyle in terms of the earning potential and social life (don’t worry, we’ll come back to that) but there’s more to it than that.

Working in recruitment means building up a client base of global brands. You’ll be placing candidates in top roles at some of the world’s leading organisations. This makes for some seriously exciting and enjoyable client meetings. You’ll be visiting some of the hottest properties in the city (or across the country) to sit with clients and explain how you can help them.

It’s all well and good visiting some of the country’s most esteemed offices, but how about working there yourself?

Recruitment agencies are notoriously audacious in their office space. Think Google-esque but without the weird driverless cars everywhere. Recruitment agencies know how to take care of their employees – think fun break out areas with ping pong tables, beer fridges, snooker, video games and more!

Overseas Opportunities

Think working in Miami, Sydney or Hong Kong is an unrealistic ambition? You couldn’t be further from the truth! Plenty of the top recruitment agencies have overseas offices across the globe. Work hard enough and these are more achievable than you think.

For many agencies, securing a place in their international offices is a direct route of progression. If you perform well enough and meet your targets, you’ll be given the choice to pack your bags and jet off or stay on home soil and be just as successful.

Margaritas on Miami Beach anyone?

Recruitment Agencies in Miami

The Infamous Social Life

We had to leave this one till last. It’s something which few people fully appreciate until they find themselves in the industry. Working in recruitment gives you the social life of a student back, except this time you’ll be in classier places drinking champagne and cocktails – with money in your pocket!

Almost every agency has a highly sociable team who are always keen to let their hair down after a tough day of work. If you’re struggling to build friendships in your new job, it’ll only take till the first team night out to overcome!

How Can You Make This a Reality?

It’s quite simple really, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We have a plethora of graduate opportunities at some of the country’s most celebrated recruitment agencies. If you think what you have what it takes to be successful, we want to hear from you! You can browse our job board here. Or alternatively, submit your CV below and we’ll get in contact if we like what we see.

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