Which Love Island Contestant Would You Dump From Your Pipeline?

Nothing can unite a nation quite like Love Island.

The act of religiously watching Laura get dumped, Megan’s head getting turned and Georgia’s screams of loyalty have become strangely addictive.

If you’re anything like us and need more of Alex’s smoulder in your life, we’ve got just the thing.

While watching Laura get dumped for the 8th time in six weeks, we got thinking. The Love Island contestants all look a little too familiar. Then realisation dawned… They’re the perfect visualisation of the types of candidates you’ll encounter in recruitment.

Oh hell! You’re going to like this!

Wes – Keeps You on Your Toes

Wes is the type of candidate to keep you on your toes. He’s qualified, personable and has enough confidence to nail an interview. You know you’re on to a good one here. The problem is, his head could be turned pretty easily.

Thankfully, Wes isn’t as bad as some candidates for jumping ship. The problem is, while your vacancy might make him happy, it doesn’t mean he’ll be happier elsewhere!

Wes Love Island 2018

(Old) Jack – The Guy Everyone Loves

Jack is the type of candidate everyone wants to encounter. He’s got the gift of the gab, is always a laugh on the phone and is someone people naturally gravitate towards. You know he’ll nail any interview you put him forward for and will get you a great deal on your office biros.

Jack - Love Island 2018

Georgia – Definitely Not Loyal

Georgia is a nightmare candidate for any recruiter. She’ll constantly tell you how loyal she is but we all know how that turned out – she was definitely the one to blame for the kiss!!!

Georgia - Love Island 2018

Dani Dyer – Great All-Rounder

Dani Dyer is another dream candidate to work with. She’s intelligent, strong willed and determined not to use her famous dad’s name to land a job.

Jack & Dani - Love Island 2018

Adam – Biggest Snake You’ve Ever Met!

Do we actually have to talk about Adam?

When you first speak to him, you’re thinking this guy is the real deal! He’s got it all. He’s smart, sells himself well and is extremely attractive qualified.

The problem with Adam is that he knows he’s good! He knows he can walk into pretty much any job he fancies. He will snake you like you’ve never been snaked before.

Go find another bombshell recruiter Adam, this one’s over it!

Adam - Love Island 2018

Megan – As Indecisive As They Come

It can be pretty infuriating dealing with Megan. She doesn’t know which choice to make. She’s a great candidate on paper and is likely to attract a lot of offers. The problem is, she’ll spend an eternity leading you on until she chooses to go with the other job offer.

Investing too much time in Megan can be devastating for your self-esteem. Good luck to anyone who tries!

Megan - Love Island 2018

Laura – Always the Interviewee, Never the Hired

It’s easy to feel sorry for Laura. She’s got a lot to give but she always comes up second best. Her CV will be shortlisted, she’ll head to an interview and even make a second stage. Every time she goes through the hiring process, you think this is her time. Sadly, it always ends in tears and the occasional foul mouthed Scottish rant. Go on Lass!

Laura - Love Island 2018

Dr ‘Love’ Alex – Oh Hell!

Oh dear! What can we say about Dr Love? He’s seriously intelligent, lovely and incredibly likeable. He is the epitome of the ‘nice guy’. Unfortunately for him (and anyone he’s ever dated), he just happens to be the cringiest person you’ll ever meet. When he walks into a job interview and smoulders, there’s no chance he’s walking away with a job!

Sorry Alex, we love you really!

Dr Alex - Love Island 2018

Josh – He Found the One!

Josh is the type of candidate who thinks he’s happy in his current role but when you get talking to him, you can see the cracks forming. His current position just isn’t up to scratch.

His head will turn but it has to be the type of offer which he’ll fall in love for! He took a lot of slack leaving his old role but in the long run, everyone knows it was the right decision.

Josh - Love Island 2018

Eyal – Don’t Let Him Talk

Eyal is a great candidate on paper. The problem is, he ruins everything when he opens his mouth. He’s the type of candidate you’re scared to put in for an interview because he’ll probably end up talking about his daily horoscope for the duration of the meeting.

Eyal - Love Island 2018

Samira – Always Ignored

Poor Samira! She has everything the hiring manager wants. She’s great on paper, easy to talk to and will be the ideal match for any vacancy which comes up. Unfortunately, for one reason or another she is literally ignored every time. She’ll be the best suited candidate but will always get overlooked. It’s no surprise she packed the job in and went freelance.

Samira - Love Island 2018

Sam Bird – The ‘Funny’ Guy

Anyone who walks around calling themselves ‘The Bird’ is guaranteed to be either a comedian or a melt. It takes a little while to figure out which one Sam is but when you suss him out, you’ll realise he’s just a fun candidate to be around. There’s a chance he’ll sneak his way into a job he’s underqualified for just because he makes the hiring manager laugh.

Sam Bird - Love Island 2018

Hayley – What’s a Brexit?

Do we really need to give any more time to Hayley? Really?

Oh well, if we must…

She’s the type of candidate who thinks Brexit is about trees. Enough said.

Hayley - Love Island 2018

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