Pimp My Recruiter

Getting a little stagnant? Leads drying up? Business meetings hitting dead ends? Maybe you need an injection of life in your recruiting. Recruitment is a corporate role but it’s a career which indulges your eccentricities. Some of the best recruiters are the craziest. Every day we battle to stand out from the crowd – so be unique. From your tie to your pen, it’s time to pimp my recruiter. After all, boring recruiters finish last!

Beats X Balmain Collection Headphones

If you’re looking to really pimp your look, this is the way to go. Beats by Dre have collaborated with esteemed French label Balmain to bring you some of the sleekest headphones we’ve ever seen. Cable free with Bluetooth connectivity, these include noise cancelling technology and are finished with a smooth beige leather and gold trim. The perfect combination of fashion and tech, everyone will know you mean business when you turn up to work with these bad boys!

Relaxed recruiter looking cool by the pool

YStudio – Brass, Copper & Bronze Ballpoint Pen

Put your Bic in the bin and step up to the next level! Crafted in a thousand degree heat, characterised by the maker’s own hands – every pen from YStudio is different. The appearance of this brass, copper and bronze pen will depend on the unique conditions of its making process. Over time the oxidisation process will take place, leaving an appearance of use which is defined by your hold. You can choose to keep it this way, or re-polish with bronze oil to bring back its original shine. Either way, it’s pretty damn special.

Hawes & Curtis X Alfa Romeo Capsule Collection

This is one to brag about. Alfa Romeo are renowned for some of the most beautiful cars on the market. Hawes & Curtis are regarded as one of the most esteemed British suit makers. A capsule collection with the two working together is certainly something to get excited about. Leave that boring M&S suit at home – it’s time to revamp your look!

The collection includes an extraordinary suit for men and women’s shirt designed specifically to complement the fluid lines and soft curvature of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s design.

A Recruiter with Wi-Fi

This is an accessory guaranteed to make you more popular. The TP-Link M7650 will give you your very own mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s small enough to throw in your bag or jacket pocket and can connect up to 32 devices! Who doesn’t want Wi-Fi everywhere they go?

An array of items and accessories a recruiter will wear

The Watch

For a recruiter to consider themselves genuinely ‘pimped’, they need a flashy watch. It’s time to make a statement with your wrist-wear.

For the Guys

We’re going clean and classic with our recommendation. The sheer allure and authority brought to the table by Dior’s Chiffre Rouge C05 is a winner for us all day. Only £5,800 and it’s yours!

For the Ladies

Unashamedly divine, nothing says extravagance and style better than Versace. Only a brief look at this gold and black leather watch will show any client or candidate what you’re all about.

The Tie

The tie is crucial to the success or failure of your new pimped out look! Black ties are for funerals – leave them at home. Go bold, invest in quality and make it stand out. Our favourite is this heavy twill 100% silk addition from Hermès.

The Bag

There are a few rules for your bag choice. Keep it sophisticated, keep it genuine leather and always ensure it matches your look. Here are some of our top choices…

For the Guys

Leave the gym bag at home. Get with the modern briefcase hype. Our pick has to be the slim leather Palissy briefcase coming from Carl Friedrik. Well worth the £395 investment.

For the Ladies

For women, finding the right bag can be a little more difficult. Where do you draw the line between fashion and workwear? It needs to look great but must also function on a day-to-day basis too. If you’re looking for somewhere to swallow up your latest commission payment, you can’t go wrong with this exquisite merlot toned textured leather tote from Saint Laurent, yours for a perfectly justifiable £645.

A female recruiter's desk organised to perfection

It’s More Than Just a Look

So, let’s get real. We’ve told you how to pimp your look – but trust us, this goes deeper. The best recruiters aren’t boring, they aren’t tense and they certainly won’t be found in the middle of the road. The best recruiters may be polarising but they know what they’re good at, they know what works and they embrace what makes them different. Find your quirk, search for what makes you unique and use it to your advantage.

It’s more than just a look – it’s a frame of mind!

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