The Great British Bake Off Recruitment Takeover

From soggy bottoms to undercooked fruitcakes – the new season of Great British Bake Off is here with a bang. It’s also causing plenty of rows among the team. Does Prue Leith measure up to Mary Berry? Will Noel Fielding’s shirt choice improve? Does peppermint cream belong in chocolate mini rolls? As the debate nearly comes to blows, we start thinking, how would a recruitment team handle the pressure in the tent? This is the Great British Bake Off Recruitment Takeover!

The Signature Challenge

The tension builds as the recruiters enter the tent. Who thought recruiters were so competitive?

First up, the signature challenge. This week the recruiters are tasked with fruitcakes. The contract consultant tells us he’s serving the perm recruiter’s girlfriend as his prize winning fruitcake. As expected, only the trainee laughs.

The top biller presents a three tiered strawberry cake – her design is admirable and she reaffirms her place as top of the class.

The perm consultant is let down by their soggy bottom – only this time it wasn’t caused by the team curry night.

The contract consultant is praised for their moist sponge. Though they seem happier with the opportunity to make another innuendo. While the trainee is berated for their dry sponge.

The Technical Challenge

We can see the stress levels rising. These recruiters aren’t renowned for their technical abilities!

The team are asked to bake 12 chocolate mini rolls – with peppermint cream?!?! Bemused they look at each other, since when did peppermint cream in chocolate mini rolls become a thing?

The top biller is the first to crack under the pressure, much to the excitement of the contract consultant. After a chocolate based fit of rage, she throws her mini rolls in the bin – season 5 Baked Alaska style!

The rest of the team serve their 12 chocolate disasters to be judged by the forever arrogant Paul Hollywood. With a glint in the eye and chip on the shoulder, he announces that against all odds, the trainee wins the technical bake.

The Showstopper Challenge

As we approach the end of the recruitment GBBO takeover, we’re left with the showstopper challenge! Noel Fielding takes centre stage and creepily asks the recruiters to create an illusion cake. A buzz of excitement breaks out in the tent.

The trainee is the first to show off their so-called masterpiece. It’s amazing how quickly their confidence grew from winning the technical challenge. Confusing salt with sugar leaves no illusion though – their cake is rank!

The perm consultant makes a scale port bottle complete with fortified wine flavoured sponge paired with accompanying cheese and crackers – it goes down a treat despite being utterly pretentious.

The contract consultant is next to present. After leaving his cake in the oven for too long, the recruiter is forced to serve an ‘ultra on-trend charcoal infused sponge cake’ (inspired by the cafes of East London). If nothing else, the boy can sell!

The top biller completes proceedings with their chocolate office phone cake complete with call list biscuits. There’s only one winner here – she even gets a handshake from Paul Hollywood (apparently it’s a big deal).

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