Which Game of Thrones Character is Your Boss?

Nudity, madness, back-stabbings and eunuchs – Game of Thrones is surprisingly like the workplace. This got us thinking (and scrutinising our colleagues), which Game of Thrones character is your boss? We’re already taking pity on those sitting in an office with a Joffrey Baratheon!

SPOILER ALERT: We’re sounding the klaxon. Spoilers ahead! If you’re not up-to-date, why are you even looking at articles like this???

Jon Snow

This is the type of boss you need. He leads from the front and attracts the respect of his team. He’s a firm believer in equality – even if it gets him stabbed in the back by directors. He’s failed plenty of times and has been walked over by people in power. Somehow, he manages to come back from the dead and take control. He has plenty of enemies and we’re scared his days are numbered but you’ll never find another boss like him.

Joffrey Baratheon

In short, Joffrey’s quite possibly the worst boss you can have. He’s a young, arrogant, nihilistic nutcase on one hell of a power trip. He takes joy from his ability to get away with anything and will take the first opportunity to gut you like a fish.

He’s probably the result of an incestuous relationship – or at least that’s the rumour circling the office. He didn’t come to power from his own talent, he’s taking full advantage of his family name. Don’t worry, he’s poisoned a few vital relationships in his time, he’ll get what he deserves.


Daenerys Targaryen

One hell of a businesswoman! She’s faced plenty of men who don’t think a woman’s up to being CEO. She’s disposed of them all with her fiery disposition. She’s fearless, fair and entirely relatable. She may well become the most powerful person in the industry – time will tell with that one.

Nicknamed the breaker of chains (and smasher of glass ceilings), Daenerys also has a reputation for her multicultural workforce. She’s building an empire and you’d be wise to join her plight.

Tyrion Lannister

He’s not pretty, he’s usually drunk but he’s the wisest person you know. He’s had to work hard for what he has. He’s regularly discriminated upon and outcast by the industry. Though his razor sharp wit and undeniable intellect means he always comes out on top. Lately, people are starting to take note of his worth.

As a boss, he’ll tell you how it is and won’t mince his words. He’s not afraid to offend you but his judgements will always be fair. Listen to him and learn, his advice will prove vital in the wars to come.

Euron Greyjoy

He’s pretty new on the scene and you’ve already seen enough to know you shouldn’t trust him. Euron is driven by a hunger for power. He’s ruthless and unsympathetic to your plight. Stay out of his way!


Robert Baratheon

Once a legend hailed as a true triumph of the industry. Now he just lives off his former achievements. He’s gluttonous and lazy. If you didn’t witness his previous greatness, you’d question whether it was the same person. He’s a nice guy, easy to get along with and great fun on nights out. He just isn’t particularly good at his job.

Cersei Lannister

Cruel and conceited, Cersei is a powerful businesswoman with a reputation for disposing of her enemies with brutality. She’s quick witted but arrogant. Don’t cross her, you’ll likely meet a gruesome demise.

She’s had to pay a high price for her power – she made powerful enemies in the industry. Her joy turned to ashes in her mouth and she knew the debt was paid. She’s a survivor though – she just learnt to become even more brutal and apathetic to the suffering of others.

Tywin Lannister

Strong, powerful and cunning. This is a boss who knows the industry perfectly and will do whatever it takes to ensure his company is successful. He may not be the most approachable boss but he’s usually fair and always successful. The competition should be worried.

Eddard Stark

You can’t help but admire him. He has strong morals and is certainly the noblest manager around. Unfortunately, you do have to question his business acumen. He’s a little too nice to make it in the industry. The competition will probably take his head.

Margery Tyrell

The people’s boss. She knows everyone’s name, she takes the time to talk to you and she’ll win you over instantly. She wears a kind persona to her staff and clients though behind the scenes she has the ruthless streak needed to succeed. She can be a little bitchy but only when it’s necessary to exert her dominance. Unfortunately, her winning personality may not be enough to keep her from being blown away by the competition.

Ramsay Bolton

Quite possibly the most ruthless bastard you’ll ever meet. Ramsay Bolton gives Joffrey Baratheon a run for his money. Rumour has it, he betrayed his own father to get to the top. This doesn’t surprise anyone at all. He’s a sadistic shit that loves to skin his enemies alive. He’ll humiliate the trainee in front of the whole company. If you’ve made it in his company, you’re either faultless in your job or just as scheming.

The Faceless Man

You don’t see him, you’re not even sure what he looks like. Though you suspect he’s peaking round the corner watching you from somewhere.

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